Best hikes in the Peak District

Whether you're looking for a peaceful walk through the countryside or a more strenuous hike up into the hills, you'll find it all in the Peak District.

Amy Foo


Thick cloud inversion with morning sun casting golden light on the landscape. Taken at Mam Tor in the English Peak District.

by Daniel_Kay

Creative Commons: Attribution
Stanage Edge in Peak District with hikers in bacground, England, UK.

by Valdis Skudre

Creative Commons: Attribution
Dovestone Reservoir

by Peter Etchells

Creative Commons: Attribution
A beautiful autumn morning on Kinder Scout in Peak District Creative Commons: Attribution


The Peak District is a beautiful a national park located in central and northern England, it’s home to a wide range of landscapes, from rolling hills and valleys to rugged moorlands and peaks. It offers a variety of outdoor activities but is very popular for hiking!

From easy walks through the countryside to more challenging routes through the hills and mountains, the park has something for everyone. This guidebook highlights some of the best hikes in the Peak District, featuring some of the region's most stunning and iconic landscapes.


Castleton, Mam Tor and The Great Ridge Walk

This circular ridge walk offers breathtaking views of the Edale Valley, Hope Valley, and the edge of Kinder Scout, and is a must do hike if you’re visiting the Peak District.

Thor's Cave Circular Walk

A must do walk leading you to Thor’s Cave - an iconic natural cavern perched on the side of the Manifold Valley.