8 great walks in Dartmoor National Park

With its rolling hills, rugged moorlands, and ancient woodlands, this national park is a paradise for walkers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Amy Foo


Sessile oaks and moss in Wistman's Wood Dartmoor

by Andy333

Creative Commons: Attribution
Castle Drogo

by Radomir Rezny

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Dartmoor Haytor Quarry old granite tramway

by Adrian Mark Ware

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Burrator Reservoir during the Autumn in Dartmoor National Park Devon UK

by Ian Gordon

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Great Staple Tor Dartmoor Devon UK

by ASC Photography

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Dartmoor National Park is a great destination for walking due to its beautiful and varied landscapes, and wide range of walking routes to suit all abilities and interests.

It is also home to a rich and varied history and culture, with many ancient sites and landmarks to discover along the way. These include Neolithic standing stones, Bronze Age burial mounds, and medieval castles and churches. As you walk through the park, you'll have the opportunity to explore this rich history and learn more about the people and cultures that have shaped the region.

In this guidebook you’ll find 8 of our favourite routes around Dartmoor!


Wistman's Wood

This ancient wood is home to some of the oldest oak trees in the country, and the hike through the wood is a truly magical experience

Haytor Loop

The HA fantastic walk in Dartmoor National Park that will take you on a journey uphill through rough terrain to stunning views of the park.

Gutter Tor

A short walk with exceptional views over the surrounding moorland.

Lydford Gorge

A beautiful walk through the gorge taking you by the Devil’s Cauldron and Whitelady Waterfall.