Dewerstone's top 5 Dartmoor Walks

5 great walks in Dartmoor National Park chosen by the Dewerstone team!




Beautiful landscape sunset over abandoned Foggintor Quarry

by Matt Gibson

Creative Commons: Attribution
Epic sunset over landscape of Leather Tor in Dartmoor during Summer with dramatic sky

by Matt Gibson

Creative Commons: Attribution
Stunning sunset at South Hessary Tor near Princetown on Dartmoor National Park in Devon

by Helen Hotson

Creative Commons: Attribution
Dartmoor Haytor Quarry old granite tramway

by Adrian Mark Ware

Creative Commons: Attribution


Dartmoor is a hive of activity for those who embrace the outdoor lifestyle. From the flowing rivers to the endless trails, it is a place where you can venture far on a sunny day and embrace the elements of the wilderness on another. The landscape that surrounds us acts as a constant reminder of what we live to enjoy, and serve to protect.

We'll be honest, narrowing down our top 5 locations is pretty hard because, well, if you've ever visited Dartmoor, you'll know every part is beautiful and worth exploring. And whilst you're doing it, why not grab a bag or litter picker and clean up, after-all it's everyones responsibility to protect the places we love.


Dewerstone woods

The Dewerstone woods truly are the gateway to outdoor adventure; with walking routes by the river, dense oak woodland and even rock climbing, you couldn't ask for more.

Foggintor Quarry

The abandoned Foggintor Quarry offers a fun and easy Dartmoor adventure.

Bellever Forest

An easy walk through the forest, perfect for the whole family!

South Hessary Tor

A short family friendly walk with stunning views over Princetown and the moors.

Haytor Loop

The HA fantastic walk in Dartmoor National Park that will take you on a journey uphill through rough terrain to stunning views of the park.