Climb 5 of Switzerland's Biggest and Baddest 4000m Peaks

5 of the most beautiful and sought-after Alpine 4000ers - this is a summit-bagger's dream!

Charlie Boscoe


Relaxing on the terrace after the climb up

by Peter Riley

Departing the summit and heading down

by Peter Riley

The Matterhorn at sunrise

by Peter Riley

On the way up at first light

by Peter Riley

Back on flat ground and trying to beat the weather!

by Peter Riley

Weisshorn with E Ridge on the L skyline

by Björn S...

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Weisshorn E Ridge in profile on the L.jpg
Weisshorn E Ridge in profile on the L

by Björn S...

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Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge.jpg
Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

by Shay Solomon

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Täschhorn and Dom

by Kajsa Lilius

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Valsorey Hut.jpg
Valsorey Hut with views of Mt Velan


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Grand Combin with Meitin Ridge on L.jpg
Grand Combin with Meitin Ridge on L

by Fulvio Spada

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48 of the 82 Alpine 4000ers sit in Switzerland, and virtually all of the remaining 34 4000 metre peaks are within 20 kilometres of the Swiss border. France might have the highest peak in the Alps but Switzerland is the focal point of the range and is home to some of the most beautiful and challenging mountains in Europe.

This guidebook covers 5 mountains, each of which is a major, multi-day undertaking in its own right. In here you'll find everything you need to know to climb the Dent Blanche, Täschhorn and Weisshorn - 3 of the best looking mountains you're likely to see anywhere on Earth - as well as the Dom (the highest mountain entirely in Switzerland) and the hulking lump that is the Grand Combin.

Ticking all 5 of these peaks in a single summer would be impressive achievement but if you do manage it, we've got plenty more guidebooks to keep you busy on Swiss 4000ers!'s-4000ers's-mighty-4000-metre-mountains

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Time to get 4000er ticking!


Dent Blanche South Ridge

A true alpine classic with utterly spectacular views across the other 4000ers of the Swiss Valais.

Weisshorn E Ridge

This is without doubt one of the finest ridges on one of the finest peaks in the Alps.

Dom N Flank

A long and impressive glacial journey to a remote summit, after a big hut approach the day before

Täschhorn S Ridge

A fantastic, classic mountain ridge climb on one of the most demanding Alpine 4000ers