Quintessential Utah: Park City’s 10 Best Trail Runs

From rugged peaks to high desert plains, plus all the aspen groves and alpine meadows in between, run through it all in Utah's quintessential mountain town.

Jesse Weber




Park City, Utah—known for powdery white winters and the vacation lifestyle year-round—is a hotspot for trails in the summer and fall, and not just for resort-goers. Most trails are accessible to the public for free, even the ones that crisscross the ski slopes of the resorts, so you can save your money for Park City’s numerous other amenities. You’ll find accommodations that are conveniently close to trailheads, trailside restaurants within the resorts, and if you decide to spare your legs one day, you can take a scenic chairlift to access trails higher up the mountains.

Another part of Park City’s allure is the variety of elevations and environments through which you can run. The town sits at approximately 7000 feet, which is high elevation according to most people’s lungs, but the mountains go up from there. Once acclimated, you can glide through aspen glades and conifer forests on the slopes, or go even higher to suck air at timberline on the Wasatch Crest. For mellower terrain with classic Western scenery, cruise the lower-elevation trails through sagebrush plains and hilly rangeland.

Park City has a trail for every type of runner, and there’s enough terrain to keep you exploring for many seasons. Whether you’re a regular or visiting for the first time, this guide to trails in the resorts and surrounding area will help you find the perfect new routes to run.


Armstrong-Spiro Loop

Sustained climb through leafy forest, then a fast descent with wide-open views over Park City.

Jenni's-CMG Loop

Excellent training run that begins from the Park City base area, among a host of other summer activities.

Lost Prospector Loop

An enjoyable Park City locals’ trail, easily accessible from Old Town and the resort.

Glenwild Loop

An ideal running loop in a network of trails just up the road from Park City.