Sunshine and Freeride Lines at Ordino Arcalís

20 beautiful ski descents on the French/Andorran border - this is what Pyrenean freeriding is all about!

Charlie Boscoe




Andorran skiing has a reputation for being mellow and family-friendly, and while there are plenty of cruisy piste runs for beginners and intermediates, the country is also home to some truly World-class freeride routes too. The Freeride World Tour now has a stop in Andorra and as well as the pros, amateurs can also enjoy some brilliant - and adventurous - skiing there too.

This guidebook contains no fewer than 20 lines, all accessed from the Ordino Arcalís lift system. The resort lies right on the French border and many of these lines start on the border itself so be prepared for a barrage of "Welcome to France" text messages from your network provider as you ski these routes! Many of the routes described here require a hike of up to an hour so you'll have to work for your turns if you want to ski every line in here but that's all part of the challenge!

Once you've worked your way through these it's just a short drive round to Spain's biggest ski resort, Baqueira Beret, and another dozen freeride adventures!


Cabagnou SE Line

A long line where some walking is needed and with some real steepness in the line.

Les portelle's steep line

A long traverse line close to the slopes, initially on top of a ridge before some steep and rocky skiing.

L'Hortell's lift line

A forest line with some really steep sections that feels like a piste in the lower section.

Els Feixan's line

Short line with some steepness into the lowest section which is often in the sun.