Accessible Trails in the Pays du Mont Blanc

Explore the legendary peaks of the Mont Blanc region on these impeccable and accessible trails

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The Accessible Guide has been created for those people with reduced mobility, whether they be wheelchair-bound or not, who wish to complete excursions into the mountains. The routes have been tested during expeditions held during summer 2021 and summer 2022 and we are constantly updating the guide with new routes and activities.

The trails we have selected are wide, with minimal loose rocks and tree roots, although on certain paths it is impossible to avoid these completely.

We understand that no disability is the same and that the fitness level of your group will vary. Therefore, the guide will give you various routing options allowing you to choose the option that best suits you and your group.

The guide has 4 different routing options and they are colour coded:

Black: the most technical and steep grading. Very difficult.

Red: Technical routing and the longest days.

Blue: technical routing with shorter days, or longer non-technical days.

Green: least technical and shorter, using telecabines or trains if possible.

We strongly recommend hiring a mountain guide (AMM or IML) for your excursions. Whilst we have provided a detailed guide book and GPS tracks, the paths may have eroded or changed so, local knowledge is vital. If using the Quadrix wheelchair the paths need to be a minimum of 1m in width. Therefore, if you take a wrong turn you might be unable to go forward or turn around.


Saint-Gervais-le Bettex to Mont Joux

St Gervais Le Bettex to Mont Joux (RED) 15km /-650M This route starts in the carpark at the top of the Le Bettex ski lift. If you are accompanied by cyclists you could as easily start in St Nicolas de Veroce or St Gervais and follow the back roads to the car park, but for walkers it is nicer to start higher. The route is a beautiful circuit that passes by the Col de la Croix du Christ, Mont Joux and Mont d’Arbois. Most of the terrain is easy and would be classed as Blue, unfortunately there are a couple of unavoidable steep sections necessitating the Red classification. (The GPS routing starts and finishes at the higher Le Bettex lift station car park- Saint-Gervais-le Bettex to Mont Joux.gpx)

Posettes Loop

Posettes Loop (BLUE) Col des Posettes 17km 750m/-850m. From Chamonix take the number 2 bus to Argentiere and then change on to the number 21 to Col des Montets. Do not be tempted to use the main road as it is very busy with blind bends. From Col des Montets the route descends through meadows to Vallorcine. From Vallorcine there is a steady climb following the ski pistes to the Col des Posettes, before heading down towards Le Tour. From Le Tour you can follow the road back to Montroc, and on to Argentiere if you wish, or follow the routing along the river trail, which has one steep rocky pitch. The routing is non-technical but fairly long hence the Blue rating. (GPS routing starts at the Col des Montets and ends at Montroc Day8Posettesloop.gpx).


Chalets de Loriaz .(RED) 17,5km /-850m. The route starts opposite the information centre at Col des Montets and descends through the meadows to Le Buet. From Le Buet the road climbs steadily through Le Couteray, before transforming into a 4x4 track that zigzags to Chalets de Loriaz. The route is classified Red due to the length of the climb and steepness. If you are hiking and not biking then you can just as easily start at the Le Buet train station car park, this reduces the day to a 13km and /-700m hike. (GPS routing starts and finishes at the roadside parking opposite the Col des Montets information centre- Loriaz.gpx). lol

Les Houches to Contamines

Les Houches to Contamines (RED) Les Houches via Col de Voza to Les Contamines Montjoie (Le Pontet). Point to point 18km 1000m/-900m. This option is for those who have logistical support and can transfer kit and support equipment/vehicles to Les Contamines. The route passes over Col de Voza, before descending towards Bionnassay and Le Champel. As the route passes from La Villette to La Gruvaz and La Chapelle there are 2 further short sharp climbs before the slow ascent into Contamines. This stage is graded RED because it is long, steep in places and there are 2 or 3 short technical sections. Due to the length of the stage your logistics support team may also need to meet you with spare batteries. Our team changed the Quadrix batteries at La Chapelle. (GPS routing starts outside the tourist office in Les Houches and finishes at the Le Pontet campsite in Les Contamines Montjoie-Les Houches to Contamines.gpx)

Les Houches Bossons Loop

Les Houches Les Bosson Loop (Green) 9km /-350m An easy loop along the Promenade de l’Arve, a wide track that follows the river, from Les Houches to Les Bossons and then back on the other side of the valley above the commune of Taconnaz. This is an easy route for families and a good way to introduce you to the capabilities of the Quadrix. You will experience great views of both sides of the valley. 
From Les Bossons you can extend the route to Les Gaillands where there is a restaurant, a tree climbing adventure park and rock climbing on the cliffs. This would add a total of 3km to the round trip and one short steep section where you will need a little push, but it’s a beautiful place for lunch or a coffee. (GPS routing starts and stops at the Les Houches ice rink- Les Houches Bossons loop.gpx)

Contamines to Miage

Les Contamines to Chalets de Miage (RED) 19km /-800M Chalets de Miage is a beautiful collection of summer houses and restaurants nestled in the valley under the Dome de Miage. There is also a field where camping is allowed. It sits on the TMB route and can be busy in summer, especially at weekends. If you are starting from the middle of Les Contamines the route is 15km with 750m of climbing. Although the route follows 4x4 tracks there some steep sections where you might need a helping push. (The GPS routing starts and finishes at the Le Pontet Campsite - contaminestomiage.gpx)


Chalet la Floria (BLUE) 5km /-300m Chalet La Floria is a restaurant that overlooks the Mont Blanc Massif and the Mer de Glace on the North side of the valley. It is reached by a steep, but smooth and shady forest track and is a charming place for lunch, a snack or just a drink whilst admiring the view. The route starts at the tennis car park in Chamonix. It zigzags up the hill on a wide track, before crossing the Route des Nants and joining the 4x4 track that climbs, fairly steeply, all the way to Chalet La Floria. (The GPS trail starts at the tennis car park in Chamonix and ends at Chalet Floria-floriafromtennis.gpx)


Flegere (RED/BLUE) Les Praz to Flegere return. 10km /-900m. Unfortunately at 87cm max width the Flegere telecabine is not wide enough for a Quadrix as this would be the easiest option to reach the top of La Flegere! Instead you will need to climb on a 4x4 track from the golf course car park at Les Praz. You could also take the number 1 or 2 bus from Chamonix to Les Praz/Flegere and start from the bus stop (the golf course is adjacent and quite obvious). The route passes underneath the telecabine and zigzags up a track which is very steep, hot and dusty and therefore only to be undertaken by those seeking a masochistic challenge! (Red) The views from the summit are far reaching and you can see the stark reality of the Mer de Glace glacial retreat. At the summit itself there are 4x4 tracks leading off in several directions so you can find yourself a quiet picnic spot. You descend via the same track but, as you are facing away from the mountain, the descent offers great views and is a much better prospect than the ascent. (Blue) Having descended you can head back to the car park or follow the balcony trail which takes you to a footpath leading to Chamonix. Alternatively, you can take the bus from the Les Praz/Flegere bus stop. (GPS routing starts and finishes at the Golf course car park and routes via the balcony trail on the return leg- Flegere.gpx)


Emosson Dam(Green) 9km /-200m. The route starts in the car park at the Emosson Barrage. The route descends passed the dinosaur statue on the tarmac road, before heading along the Emosson dam and continuing around the reservoir, before climbing towards the old barrage. The route is on a tarmac road throughout, but is quite steep in places. Unfortunately there are steps to climb up to the old dam, but if you are able to climb half a dozen steps you will be able to reach higher than is described here. A beautiful, peaceful day out with amazing scenery. (GPS routing starts and ends at the barrage carpark Emosson.gpx)

Les Houches - Voza- la Charme loop return

Col de Voza Loop (BLUE and RED options). Les Houches to Col de Voza, then a scenic loop climbing to the Prarion telecabine before re-descending. There are several possibilities for Day 1a. Option 1: RED option - trails from Les Houches to Col de Voza then complete a panoramic loop, before returning the same way. Option 2: BLUE option - take the Mont Blanc Tramway to Col de Voza, complete the panoramic loop, and descend back to Les Houches (via tram or on the trails). Options 1 and 2 Option 1 is a 16km hike with /- 1050m of height change. Whilst non-technical the climbs are steep, so you may need a helping push, depending on the power of your machine. Option 2 requires you to take the tramway from St Gervais Le Fayet to Col de Voza where they have a portable ramp to enable you to disembark. There is no ramp at the stops after Col de Voza. The loop is 5km long with an elevation change of /-200m. If you find the initial climb from Col de Voza to the Chalet de Delevret difficult then follow the loop halfway to Le Croix de la Charme and then turn around. At the Croix de la Charme the trail descends and climbs at the same fairly steep gradient back up to Prarion. (GPS routing starts and finishes outside the tourist office in Les Houches- Col de Voza Loop.gpx)

Chavants and Charousse

Chavants and Charousse. (GREEN with RED loop option *) *feasibility depends on river crossing point 9km /-350m or 12km /-500m The route starts at the Les Houches tourist office and follows the road to Lake Chavants, where it circumvents the lake before entering the woods beyond the tennis club. The route then rejoins the tarmac road before reaching a 4x4 track for the woodland climb to the Charousse pastures. Charousse is a beautiful open pastureland, with incredible views of the Mont Blanc Massif, the Fiz range as well as the Aiguillette des Houches, it’s the ideal place for a picnic. There is an optional additional 3km loop that climbs higher into the woods, beyond Charousse, towards Vaudagne. The loop is classified red due to 2 short steep sections and 2 river crossings that require precise driving. This loop is only feasible if the second crossing point has been pre-recced and widened. (GPS routing starts and stops at the Les Houches tourist office - Chavants and Charousse.gpx)

Les Houches to Cham Tennis Prom de l'Arve

Les Houches to Chamonix tennis on the Promenade de l’Arve (GREEN) 9km 100m/-50m Undulating wide gravel path from Les Houches to Chamonix, then through town to the tennis car park were you can either continue to the cross country ski and mountain biking area or climb to Chalet Floria or Plan Praz. The trail is wide and easy, you will need to push in one place, just as the path passes Les Bossons. (GPS routing starts at the ice rink in Les Houches and finishes at the tennis club in Chamonix Promenade.gpx)

Cham Le Tour

Chamonix to Le Tour.(GREEN/BLUE/RED) 27km /-700m. The route starts at the ice rink in Chamonix and heads up the valley following the cross country skiing course (also the start of the Marathon du Mont Blanc). It is initially fairly flat on wide easy trails (Green) until Les Bois at which point it climbs to Lavancher, on slightly rocky and steep but wide trails (Blue). From Lavancher do not be tempted to take the Petit Balcon Nord path to Argentière, as although it start off wide and easy latterly there are places that are too narrow, big boulder steps and steep drop offs. Instead take the tarmac road through and beyond Lavancher to the main valley road, that links Chamonix and Le Tour. Cross the road, at the bridge to La Joux, then follow the Promenade de l’Arve to Argentiere. This section has several bridge crossings, but the river can easily be fjorded if you do not feel safe on the bridges (Green). In Argentiere explore the cross country skiing area behind the Plan Joran lift station, before wending your way through the back streets of Argentiere to the road that climbs to Montroc. A short road section follows after which you can again use back streets through the houses of Montroc, before the final road stretch to Le Tour (Green). The return leg from Le Tour is challenging (Red at least), so if you don’t feel up to that, just pick up the return routing to Chamonix from Argentiere. The return route descends through a field from Le Tour with a step rocky pitch, before climbing to Le Planet and picking up the Petit Balcon Nord to Argentiere. (Do not be tempted by the stretch of the Petit Balcon Nord between Le Tour and Le Planet it is not wide enough). From Le Planet a really technical, rocky, steep, zigzag descent awaits (Red). Make your way back to the Promenade de l’Arve but, instead of crossing at La Joux, continue on the Promenade all the way to and through Paradis des Praz, there is one steep section (Blue). On the far side of Paradis the route climbs to the Promenade de Vourgeat, underneath the Flegère télécabine on the North side of the golf course, before descending to Les Praz (Blue descent) and following the river trail back to Chamonix, arriving at the tennis courts (Green). (GPS routing starts and stops at the ice rink in Chamonix - Cham Le Tour.gpx).


Brevent/Plan Praz (BLACK and Blue Options) 15km 1200m. 6,5km 200m The route starts at the Plan Praz lift station in Chamonix and climbs the home-run ski piste to the La Parsa chair lift and the Brevent ski area. The route then tracks south west to the top of the Plan Praz telecabine at 2000m. The route then takes the 4x4 tracks that head North east towards La Flegere. The view is stunning and constantly changing as you make your way along the saddle. The furthest point reached is the Flegere- Plan Praz liaison telepherique. At this point the footpath around the gully to Flegere is non-accessible being narrow and having steps cut into the cliff. Descend back to Chamonix via the same ski piste. The complete route is BLACK because the climb is very steep in places and you will definitely need a strong push. The Blue option is to take the lift to and from Chamonix and enjoy the magnificent views as you traverse along the saddle between Plan Praz and Flegere. (The Quadrix does not fit into the telecabine so you will need to take the lift in your day wheelchair and the Quadrix will meet you at the top or take a narrower all terrain chair) (GPS routing starts and ends at the Plan Praz lift station in Chamonix - Brevent.gpx).

Chalets de chailloux

Chalets de Chailloux .(BLACK) 15km /-950m. The route starts at the ice rink in Les Houches, crosses the river and railway line on the road before following a forest trail that leads to Le Bettey and Plan de la Cry. The second half of the climb is on a forest and gravel track. At Chalets de Chailloux there is a buvette and the views are amazing. It is well worth the effort. This route is classified Black due to the length of the climb, the steepness of the initial section and the technical and steep nature of certain passages. If you are self-driving or have a support vehicle we recommend you start the hike at the carpark near Le Bettey above Coupeau. This will mean you avoid either a long road section or a steep initial climb on a technical trail, plus shortening the day by 1.5 hours. (GPS routing starts at the ice rink in the centre of Les Houches - Chailloux.gpx).