4 Exceptional Spring E-bike Rides in Verbier

4 great e-bike trails around Verbier from beginner to advanced as suggested by Mountain Air's in-house adventurer Tom Crothall.

Mountain Air Verbier




Whether you want to test out an e-bike for the first time and find a family friendly ride, or check out some of the harder trails around Verbier this guidebook has an option for you.

The Beginner route is a perfect scenic tour that will show you the joy of getting out with a helping hand up those hills.

The Intermediate route has some short technical passages to keep you on your toes interspersed with some nice flow riding.

The advanced is an easy climb, dropping into a nice flow trail before you get thrown into some difficult technical terrain with some serious exposure - beautifully shaped by the trail cleaning crew of Val de Bagnes.


Verbier - Ruinette - Patier - Le Chable

Big round tour of Verbier region, generally wide trails, but with some more technical passages. If you are feeling confident, you can take the last part down to Le Chable.