Tons of Sunshine and Snow: Freeriding Mammoth Mountain

Ten freeride adventures around California’s skiing dream spot.





Located in California’s Eastern Sierra region, where there're sunny skies and the peaks are high, Mammoth Mountain is a sought-after spot for snowsports lovers. The season is madly long, starting in November and usually stretching right until May, and there are 300 days of glorious sunshine a year.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is also huge. With 3,500 acres of skiable terrain, there’s a bunch of freeride routes ready to be tackled. Here’s a collection of ten routes ranging from "walk in the park" to totally challenging.



Moose Knuckle

Usually best as a hip this feature can also be great fun as a straight jump slightly further down the ridge.

Avy 1.5

One of the more technical lines on the mountain as it requires a number of precise, tight turns, sluff management and the ability to stomp a large air at the bottom.

James Bond

Small air made available by the building of Chair 20. Can be a fun hit after riding the Avy Chutes on your way to the bottom of Rollercoaster Express.

Jeffy’s Line

Make no mistake, this is a steep, intimidating line that should probably be scoped before being skied.


A few small-medium sized cliffs that are great to hit in a storm.


This is a super fun straight jump that is a sweet ender to the fun wind lips lining White Bark Ridge.


One of the more pleasurable drops on the hill. Landing is a little flat. Named after a Juicy Fruit commercial in the 1980’s.

The Bear

There’s a number of different lines making their way down the fairly steep and stepped out terrain that makes The Bear so fun.