The Freeride Lines at Legendary Jackson Hole

A selection of epic freerides in the legendary Jackson Hole.




by Ams100272

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The debriefing room!

by John Johnston



Jackson Hole is renowned amongst serious skiers for its excellent freeriding. Snowboarding legend Travis Rice grew up in Jackson Hole and endorsed it as having "the best freeriding in North America." Located in the western reaches of Wyoming, and 4 hours from the nearest big city, it's a real end of the road resort. The relative isolation means that the slopes are not too crowded, despite Jackson Hole being such a high ranking ski area.

A great introduction to the backcountry of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is Rock Springs Canyon. It’s easy to access, and there is fairly mellow terrain throughout. At the other end of the spectrum is the beastly Central Couloir: a steep, technical challenge that should really only be tackled by experienced skiers and snowboarders in optimum conditions.



Pucker Face

An enticing face that is more dangerous than it appears.

North Woods

Tight, north-facing trees from the entrance to the Hobacks.

No Shadows

A classic east facing pocket in Cody Bowl, and the least steep way down Cody Bowl

Granny Chutes

South facing, technical chutes from the top of the Bridger Gondola.

Mushroom Chutes

Steep tight trees; a primo powder run with obstacles abound.

Four Shadows

Slightly steeper and longer than No Shadows, but just as classic.