Freeriding Crested Butte, One of Colorado's Rowdiest Mountains

A mountain resort with a soul, and slopes with standout terrain.



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Tucked away in the high mountains of Central Colorado, Crested Butte is one of North America’s great low key mountain resorts. It’s known for its expansive and diverse terrain, gorgeous scenery, and friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The lowdown: More than 1,500 skiable acres, 300 inches of snowfall per year, and a vertical drop of over 3,000 ft. There’s a ton of options for advanced skiers and freeriders, from short, playful chutes to great fall line skiing, and some of the steepest lines in Colorado.



Big Tree Chute

Big Tree Chute is the lowest skier's right hand boundary of Third Bowl through a natural chute between trees and rocks.

Morning Glory Reacharound

The Morning Glory Reacharound is a way to get back to Headwall after skiing the top pitch of Morning Glory.

Keyhole / Last Stash

Keyhole / Last Stash is a steep pitch in tight trees above Last Steep, accessed by a short side-step above "Easy Out" Exit To Paradise.

Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears is a high, steep pitch into Headwall with many rocks off of the Headwall Ridge Traverse.


A bump run through the aspen trees


A chute below huge cliffs that descend into the top of Phoenix Bowl; when open, the upper entrance is only for people who like mandatory 10 foot air.

Land of Many Names

Land of Many Names is a pillow land with all types of 5-25 foot cliffs to bounce between.

Outta Sight Outta Mind

Outta Sight Outta Mind has some serious pillows and spines through trees from the top of Teo 2.

Lower Parachute

Lower Parachute is the continuation of Upper Parachute through the main gut of Third with awesome tree chutes and pillows to play around with.

Good Luck Glades

Good Luck Glades is the skier's right hand side of Third Bowl after the top pitches bench out above Lower Parachute and Solar Plexus.

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus can be a pillow smashers dream over large and medium pillows if the conditions are right and it's not too sun baked.

Close Call

Close Call is the left hand entrance of Third Bowl with demanding, tight, tree chutes through rocks that open up to a fun pitch.

Smuggler's Knob

Smuggler's Knob is the skier's right hand rope line area on a little bench under Good Luck Glades as it falls through steep, fun terrain into Lower Third Bowl.

Solar Junkyard / Magic Carpet

Solar Junkyard and Magic Carpet form the skier's left hand side of Third Bowl after Solar Plexus and High Exit are joined by the Lower Third Bowl entrance from Phoenix Bowl.

Mushroom Cliffs Bowl

Mushroom Cliffs Bowl has playful pillows and steep trees on the skier's right hand boundary of Third Bowl


Deep on the skier's right boundary of Teo 2 you'll find Whatever after taking the Teo 2 traverse all the way out.

Low Exit

Low Exit is a small bowl under High Exit where Lower Third Bowl entrance from Phoenix Bowl joins Lower Third Bowl via Solar Junkyard / Magic Carpet and you can head back into Phoenix Bowl.


Schnoid's are some tight, mellower trees found after Outta Sight Outta Mind on the skier's left hand side of Teo 2.

Upper Parachute

Upper Parachute is the central entrance into Third Bowl, with big pillows or mandatory turns around them through the trees.

High Exit

High Exit has some steep, fun, gladed skiing along the skier's left hand side of Third Bowl as it is joined by the Lower Third Bowl Entrance from Phoenix Bowl.

Powder Rock Glade

Powder Rock Glade is the skier's left hand boundary of The Glades before it hits "Easy Out".

Leaning Tree Chute

Leaning Tree Chute is an awesome, steep chute on the skier's right side of Dead End Chutes.

Tower 10 Glades

Tower 10 Glades is the most skier's left side of The Glades under the Paradise Express with fun tree skiing and powder stashes.

Sun Steps

Slightly gladed playful terrain with some drops


Stevie's is a big open pitch in the middle of The Glades below Honey Pie.

Sunny Glade

A quick clear steep pitch in the middle of a thick tree section in the trees between Big Chute and Headwall Glades

Paradise Lift Glade

Paradise Lift Glade looks out over the Paradise area with big bumps and powder stashes.


Treeline is a steep, fun, rolling pitch along the skier's left side of Old Pro.

The Sink

The Sink is a low-lying pow stash through aspen and pine forests off the Teocalli Lift.

Championship Cliffs

A large cliff area in the far upper skier's right of the Sock it to Me Ridge.

Little Hourglass

A steep apron that funnels into a narrow mandatory cliff move before opening up in the runout.

Buck's Traverse

Buck's Traverse gives you the chance to get back to Paradise Express from Last Steep if don't want to head to East River.

Horseshoe Nose

The steep end of the Horseshoe Ridge, offering bony airs and mini spines.

Timber Chutes

Timber Chutes are the tight trees on the skier's left of Paradise Cliffs.

Slot Rocks

A rocky cliff section near the bottom of the Staircase area.

Crystal Trees

Well pitched tree section in between Crystal and International.

No Fat Chicks Traverse

A traverse from the West Side runs back to Aspen Park Road that saves you heading down Hockey Rink to Banana Exit.


A steep tree run containing cliffs and rocks near the Staircase section of the North Face.

East LA/Pasta Bowl

A wide bowl that begins with large cliffs in the hike to terrain skier's right of Spellbound Bowl.

Dead End Chutes

Steep chutes that end in large cliffs at the bottom of the North Face.

Hidden Chutes

Hidden Chutes are steep tree chutes off of Sunset Ridge in Funnel.

Total Recall

Total Recall can be a hidden West Side pow stash through steep trees with some small cliffs at the bottom.

Disgusting Trees

A thick tree run through the steep trees that separate Slot Rocks and Sock it to Me Ridge.


Predator offers steep trees and fun skiing after a storm off of Sunset Ridge.

Body Bag

A steep, gnarly run that ends in a mandatory 15 foot cliff band.

Pygmy Spear Garden

The bottom of Funnel ends in the Pygmy Spear Garden, a lower angle powder field with bumps, small trees, and bushes.

Cess Pool

A steep rocky run with a closeout choke on the far skier's left of Sock it to Me Ridge.

Psycho Rocks

A steep cliff section on the lower side of the mountain.

Silvanite Left

An open field of turns beyond the trees on Silvanite's left hand boundary.

Sunset Ridge

Sunset Ridge is a classic spring line in Crested Butte on the western boundary of the resort.

Nub's Knob

Nub's Knob has some awesome aspen tree skiing in steeper terrain in the Bakery Trees.

Dead Bob's Chute

A long shaded chute in the in the Staircase section of the North Face.

Honey Pie

Honey Pie is the opening section of The Glades with rolling powder pitches, trees, and pillow options.

Figure 11 Chutes

Figure 11 Chutes are some steep, rocky tree chutes to the skier's right of Big Chute and skier's left of Sunny Glade.

Phaser Trees

A steep thicker tree section on the far skiers left of the Sock it to Me Ridge.


Chiquita holds soft snow hours after the powder frenzy on the skier's left side of Banana.


Slipper's technical rocks and pillows offer a steeper finish to Hawk's Nest and Old Pro onto "Easy Out" Exit to Paradise.

Rosy Lane / Easy Rider

Back to back knolls off the skier's right of Hawk's Nest used to access the Sock it to Me Ridge.

Tunnel / Walkout

Tunnel and Walk Out have great fall line skiing under Old Pro and Treeline onto the "Easy Out" Exit to Paradise.

Beaver Slides

The Beaver Slides are the sweet powder trees between Silver Queen Road and Ruby Road above Keystone Ridge.

Quick's / No See Um

Quick's and No See Um are hidden tree runs in The Glades that access Stevie's, Paradise Lift Glade, and Powder Rock Glade through quick pitches and trees.

Down and Out

Down and Out is the bottom of Teo 2 as the terrain benches out and you head back up the Teocalli Exit to Paradise.


Very steep, rocky bowl with tricky chutes and large airs.

Angle Gully

A billy goat line through the middle of the main rock section of headwall.


Gerry's is the group of steep trees in the skier's left area of Tower 11 Chutes.