The Best of Falls Creek Mountain Biking

Falls Creek Mountain Bike Park is 40km of world class gravity trails, high in the rooftop of Victorian Alpine National Park. Designed and built by World Trail, Falls Creek's Park is a showcase of gravity and flow in beautiful alpine terrain.

Falls Creek Resort


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Falls Creek trails have been built with the rider in mind. Accessible to the newest of bikers and enticing to the most experienced, all trails start in finish in the resort. Easy cruiser, fun flowing descent or all-mountain bash, they’ve got it and it's all at the doorstep of a ride-in, ride-out village.

From the lofty heights of the Summit to the thick forest of the Ticket Box, Victoria's longest unbroken gravity ride is a massive 535m descent through 3 of Falls Creek's best trails in High Voltage, Wishing Well and the no-introduction-required Flowtown. It's a cracker of a course and all up totals over 10km of trail. This is wall to wall descent so you can grab the full face & leave the low gears alone.

Looking for something less hectic? Generator to Vortex is another brilliant combination through Falls Creek's snowgum country back to the village.

Flowtown is a dead-set legend of Australian mountain biking. 6km of free-flowing trail, it's a stacked deck of berms, jumps and rollers with a final 3km that rides more like pump track than gravity trail.
This is laugh-out-loud kind of fun that doesn't go out of style.

Flowtown is the rider's trail, ridden both cruisey or hard with equal exhilaration. For early intermediates it's a perfect milestone trail but pick the speed up and send-it on the subtle, yet hugely effective launches and you'll see this trail is for more than introductions.

Don't be put off by the myth mountain biking is too extreme. Did you know 70% of riders prefer to ride beginner and intermediate trails? Over 10km of the Falls Creek trail network is deliberately built friendly for those new to mountain biking, even for your first time on a bike! The green trails are perfect to learn the ropes (and figure out the difference between a berm and a roller) and all trails start and finish in the village so it's never hard to get back to where you started, ready to ride again.

This is truly mountain biking for all riders.



Challenging climb from the Gully Car Park to the Aqueduct Trail. Direct access trail for Village Bowl & Wishing Well trail.


XC multi-directional trail linking the Gully to Slalom Plaza

Aqueduct Trail

The slighseer's trail, this follows the pretty water course across the top of the village with access to main trails.


Descending flow-down singletrack with wide burms and rollers as well as rocks & jumps.


A massive 5.8km descent from the Gully to the Ticket Box in Howmans Gap. A super fun trail.


All mountain descent trail from the summit with some advanced features and plenty of flow.


Moderate XC ascent trail with narrow singletrack with multiple switchbacks, armouring and some technical features.


The perfect singletrack starting at the village for a warm-up on learning new skills.

Wishing Well

Flowing decent trail with large berms, rollers and drops.

Lorna's Link

Link trail between Pretty Valley Road and Ski Patrol Base to access the descending trails


XC loop with technical switchbacks coming up and burms, rollers and bridges going down.

Lake View

Descending flow-down with signletrack and fire trails.

Packhorse Trail

One way climb to access the village from the Ticket Box in Howmans Gap.

High Voltage

Technical flow decent with armored sections and filled with lines of recurring jumps, bridges and rollers.


Flowing descent trail with tighter berms, perfect for developing some technical skills.

Frying pan Spur

Speedy multi-directional trail connecting the Summit to the Trig Point.

Eagle Rock

Decent trail flowing from the Summit through to Pretty Valley Road.

Short Circuit

Pleasant loop through the Nordic Bowl from the end of induction joining back at this point.