3 Ski Touring Classics in Navis

A series of varied and engaging adventures in Tirol's ski touring mecca!

Charlie Boscoe


Almost home! Arriving into Navis at the end of the day.

by Charlie Boscoe

Creative Commons: No Derivatives
Excellent compact powder on the top section of the descent

by Al Schulkins

Checking the route!

by Al Schulkins

Looking across the north face

by Charlie Boscoe

Approaching the mountaineering section

by Charlie Boscoe

Starting the steep section of the ascent after leaving the jeep track

by Charlie Boscoe

Looking into the line

by Charlie Boscoe

Looking across at the peak from the southern side of the Navis valley.

by Charlie Boscoe

Creative Commons: No Derivatives


There can't be many Alpine valleys with less than 2000 inhabitants but a reputation as big as Navis'. Then again, there aren't many places anywhere which have quite so much terrain as this most legendary of Tirolian valleys. Navis is so good that people travel from all over the World to ski tour there, and ski manufacturer Black Crows named one of their signature touring skis after it.

The Navistal (valley) runs east-west so you can either ski on sunny south faces, or opt for cold and austere runs on the shady side of the valley. The north facing adventures obviously tend to hold better snow but when temperatures get really low you can head over to the other side of the valley and enjoy some sun.

There are only 3 adventures listed here but once you've skied them you'll have visited the main parts of the Navis area and you'll no doubt have picked out a few ideas for further exploration. The beauty of the area is that the terrain features are all huge so doing a ski tour once doesn't mean that you've "ticked" it, it just means you've done one of many variations!

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