Long Day Hikes to Ditch the Crowds in Jasper NP

The best way to avoid a crowd is to hike farther than most people will.

Jesse Weber


Hiking to Nigel Pass

by Erik Lizee, edited from original

Creative Commons: Attribution


Jasper is one of Canada’s most popular national parks, so you may think the trails would be crowded. While it’s true that many trailheads swell with people during peak times, there are ways to avoid the crowds and find a peaceful time in nature. For most trails, arriving early in the morning is a good strategy. The other strategy is to simply hike beyond the crowds, farther than most people will go. Here are some of Jasper’s best long hikes, which can still be completed within a day. With proper fitness, you can leave the crowds behind and experience the lesser-visited highlights of Jasper National Park.


Indian Ridge

An airy ridgeline with some steep scrambling to a wild summit, reached by extending the hike from Whistlers Peak.

Verdant Pass

High meadows beneath twin cirques on Mount Edith Cavell’s lesser-seen backside.

Geraldine Lakes

Long day hike or backpacking trip in one of Jasper's lesser-visited valleys.

Opal Hills Loop

A hike into a colorful subalpine valley beginning from Maligne Lake.