Experience Ladin Culture on these 3 Badia Bike Rides

Easy adventures through a truly unique part of the Alps!

Charlie Boscoe




Even most connoisseurs of the Alps would not be aware that in the deepest Dolomites valleys there is an entire language and culture that is almost unknown amongst outsiders - Ladin. In the Alta Badia (the base for these 3 rides), the main language spoken by the locals is not German or Italian, but this most obscure of dialects.

Ladin is not just a language either - its culture and architecture are unique and these 3 adventures will provide an insight into what it's all about. You'll pass through Ladin villages, hear the language being spoken at beautiful mountain huts, and see the wonderful mountains which have kept the Ladin people in these valleys for generations.

All of these rides take you exclusively onto jeep tracks and easy terrain, so there's no technical challenges to worry about and you can get on with enjoying the ambience and views!