Berthoud Pass, Colorado Backcountry Skiing Map

A comprehensive map of all the backcountry ski lines on Berthoud Pass.

Greg Heil




Berthoud Pass between I-70 and the major ski resort of Winter Park was itself once home to a small ski area. Situated right on top of the 11,307-foot mountain pass and rising high into the alpine, the small ski area received 500 inches of snow annually. First opened in 1937, the lifts shut down in 2001, and the entire resort was removed by 2005. (Source)

The lifts and base lodge have all been dismantled and the forest service is seeking to return Berthoud Pass to its natural environment, but the old ski runs still remain. Add in all of the epic above treeline bowls, steep chutes, and rugged cliff bands, and Berthoud Pass’s 500 inches of snow per year now draw in backcountry skiers from up and down Colorado’s Front Range. The area is now one of the most popular backcountry skiing destinations in the state, and maybe even the country.

Just because Berthoud is popular doesn’t mean it’s safe. This area can be very avalanche prone, so don’t relax your guard just because you see other people on the skin track. Make your own avy danger decisions, and ski within your ability and comfort zones.

This guidebook functions as a comprehensive map of essentially all of the backcountry ski lines on Berthoud Pass. If you’re looking for a shorter list of recommendations to narrow your search, check out “The Best Backcountry Ski Lines on Berthoud Pass” guidebook instead.



No Name

An aesthetic eastern aspect alpine line

Swiss Horn

A variety of cliffs and pillows in the trees

Y Chute

The skier's right rock chute off Hidden Knoll

Z Chute

The center rock chute off Hidden Knoll

X Chute

Rock chute off of Hidden Knoll


The route in or out of Current Creek

The Meadows

Gentle Terrain to access the 80's, 90's, Hourglass Cliffs, Nelson's and Sam's


A wind scoured shot through trees

The 90's - 90's

450 feet of pure fun, consistent pitch with a small rock feature

The 80's

300 feet of cliffs and good pitch

Aqueduct Trail

Access to north aspect lines in the Current Creek drainage

Great Divide

The most obvious route down when looking at the west side from the very top of the pass.

The Roll

A great scouting route with the potential for deep turns.

Rush 3

Rush 3: Steep cliffs with billy goating or big air potential

Rush 2

Rush 2: Steep cliffs with billy goating or big air potential

Rush Chute

Short, steep and narrow to get the adrenaline pumping.

The Plunge

350 vertical feet of consistent, fun pitch.

Hoop Creek

No-hike-necessary tree skiing thanks to a shuttle on Berthoud Pass.