Gran Paradiso's Classic Routes

The only 4000 metre peak solely in Italy, Gran Paradiso is a mountaineer's dream!

Charlie Boscoe


On the summit ridge

by Mário Simoes

Looking across the lake next to the hut. Ciarforon is on the left, Becca di Monciair on the right.

On the trail up to the hut

by Viaggio nel Mondo


Although Italy is home to many 4000ers, Gran Paradiso is the only mountain over the mythical 4000 metre mark which sits entirely in the country. The other 4000ers in Italy, such as the Matterhorn, are shared with neighbouring countries and as such, Gran Paradiso is a special summit for Italian mountaineers.

99% of ascents of the mountain are made from either the Chabod or Emanuele refuges, both of which are easily reached from a valley south of the roman town of Aosta. Described here are are the 2 classic standard routes, as well as the wild and remote Piccolo Paradiso Traverse and the steep, icy Gran Paradiso NW face. If you tick all 4 routes, you will really have earned a big pizza back in Aosta!