The Wonder Routes Whistler: The Steeps Sampler

A self- guided tour around Whistler Blackcomb's best spots for expert/ advanced skiers.





Whistler Blackcomb is by many measures the largest ski resort in North America. With over 8,000 acres of skiable terrain and 200 trails, it’s hard to know where to begin. Following The Wonder Routes is like being guided by a local- here you have an expertly crafted collection of routes each with its own special character and ability level. The routes will take you on a seamless journey around the mountains so that you get the most out of your ski day.

Expert and advanced skiers will get their thrills with The Steeps Sampler, as it takes you across the best hair-raising chutes and steep blacks that Whistler Blackcomb has to offer. Starting at Blackcomb Mountain, this route takes you across both mountains and the whole itinerary should take 2-3 hours to complete.

Route Instructions:

1. The Saudan Couloir

Turn left at the top of 7th Heaven lift, just below the summit you’ll find the entrance to the Saudan Couloir, also known as Couloir Extreme - your first run of the day, and one of the steepest in all of Whistler Blackcomb! Once you reach the bottom, take some respite on the cruisy blue groomer Jersey Cream. You’ll end up at Glacier Express Chairlift. Take the lift up.

2. Spanky’s Ladder to Ruby Bowl

From the top of Glacier Express, bear left and you’ll hit Spanky’s Ladder, the gateway to some of the highest quality ungroomed ski terrain on Whistler Blackcomb. Traverse down to the bottom of Spanky’s Ladder and boot pack to the main entrance. Here you’ll have access to expert terrain such as Garnet, Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire Bowls. Garnet to Ruby Bowl is the most popular route down, but if you want the biggest challenge, take the steep high traverse on the left.

3. PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola

At the end of Ruby Bowl, head down the Glacier Road and you’ll come to Excelerator Express Chairlift. Take the lift up and then at the top take a second chairlift, Jersey Cream, which will drop you directly next to the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola terminal. Take the Gondola across to Whistler Mountain.

4. Shale Slope

Once you arrive at Whistler Mountain, head right towards the Peak Express Chairlift and take the lift up. You’ll be dropped at Whistler Peak, exit right from the chairlift to find yourself at the entrance to Whistler Bowl. Stay skier’s right on the main bowl to jump on the lower traverse to Shale Slope. A Whistler classic, Shale Slope is a dream but gets very popular, especially on a powder day. At the bottom of the run you’ll need to hike back up to the Peak Express Chair, so on the way down Shale Slope stick to the right of the slope to minimize the distance you’ll need to hike back up to the lift.

5. West Cirque

At the top of the Peak Express Chairlift take Upper Peak and bear right until you hit the top of Creek Run. Sticking to the right, you’ll hit the traverse road to the entrance of West Cirque. It’s very narrow and exposed at the top and steep all the way down, so it's not one to be taken lightly!



Saudan Couloir

Very popular tight and steep couloir, also known as the Couloir Extreme.

Spanky's Ladder

Boot pack that gives you access to expert terrain such as Garnet, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Bowls.

Garnet Bowl

The upper basin leading you into options in the Gemstone Bowl - Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby

Ruby Bowl

Wide-open line in Ruby Bowl below Garnet Bowl on skier's left, the friendliest of all the Gemstone Bowls

Blackcomb Glacier Road

Only intermediate trail available if you are wishing to ski the Blackcomb Glacier. Provides amazing views and easier access to this amazing area.

Whistler Bowl

Classic bowl featuring an amazing selection of couloirs and lines

Shale Slope

A classic Whistler run - whether you encounter powder or moguls!