Top of the World: Whistler The Wonder Routes

A self- guided tour linking the four highest points on Whistler and Blackcomb, suitable for all ski levels.





Whistler Blackcomb is by many measures the largest ski resort in North America. With over 8,000 acres of skiable terrain and 200 trails, it’s hard to know where to begin. Following The Wonder Routes is like being guided by a local- here you have an expertly crafted collection of routes each with its own special character and ability level. The routes will take you on a seamless journey around the mountains so that you get the most out of your ski day.

Stand atop of the mountains and take in the magnificent views of the Coast Range with this easy to follow self guided tour.

Route Instructions:

** Top of Whistler Peak**

To get to the top of Whistler Peak, take the Whistler Village Gondola to the Roundhouse Lodge. Then turn right to the Peak Express Chairlift, taking it up to Whistler Peak.

Top of Symphony

At Whistler Peak, take a left down Matthews Traverse and on to the Whistler classic, Burnt Stew Trail - this is a beginner-friendly trail, rare for a run so high up in Whistler’s alpine - then hop onto Jeff’s Ode-to-Joy, a cruisy run through preserved forest. At the bottom you’ll connect back up with Burnt Stew trail, coming back around to Symphony Express Chairlift. Take the chair up to the top of Harmony.

Top of Harmony

From Piccolo Summit, travel down Jeff’s Ode-to-Joy and connect back to Burnt Stew trail to the Harmony Express Chairlift and travel up the chair to the top of Harmony.

**PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola **
From the top of Harmony, travel down the gentle cat-track Pika’s Traverse to the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. Ride the gondola across to Blackcomb Mountain.

**Top of 7th Heaven **
On Blackcomb, take the flat traverse Express Way to the bottom of 7th Heaven Express Chairlift. Ride the chairlift to the top of 7th Heaven.



Burnt Stew Trail

Road running from the top of the Harmony Express to the bottom, weaving through the Symphony zone in between

Pika's Traverse

Beginner friendly cat-track that weaves through the high alpine and leads back to the Roundhouse lodge


One of the available options needed to traverse to the base of the 7th Heaven express accessed from the Rendezvous Lodge.