Powder Stashes: The Wonder Routes of Whistler

Taking you to the best tree routes on Whistler Blackcomb- the perfect ski itinerary for a powder day.





Whistler Blackcomb is by many measures the largest ski resort in North America. With over 8,000 acres of skiable terrain and 200 trails, it’s hard to know where to begin. Following The Wonder Routes is like being guided by a local- here you have an expertly crafted collection of routes each with its own special character and ability level. The routes will take you on a seamless journey around the mountains so that you get the most out of your ski day.

Powder Stashes Wonder Route is the perfect ski itinerary for a powder day.

Route instructions:

Upper Gear Jammer

Starting at the base of Blackcomb in the Upper Village, take Wizard Express and Solar Coaster Express Chairlifts to the Rendezvous Lodge. Turning right, head down Catskinner to Gear Jammer. When you’ve finished Gear Jammer head back up Solar Coaster Express.

Staircase & The Bite
Once back at the Rendezvous Lodge, take a left and traverse under the Jersey Cream Express Chairlift where you can choose to take either Blowdown, Staircase or The Bite to the bottom of Jersey Cream Express.

**Arthur’s Choice **
Continue through the flats next to Jersey Cream Express and head down the upper section of Zig Zag to Crystal Chair. Ride Crystal Chair, and take a left down Ridge Runner where you’ll meet your 3rd Powder Stash, Arthur’s Choice, the beautiful glade run through burnt forest.

Lower Excelerator Zone
At the bottom of Arthur’s Choice take a left on the Blackcomb Glacier Road to Excelerator Express chairlift. The many trees around this lift have wonderful additional powder stashes.

**Expressway to Where’s Joe **
Once at the top of Excelerator Express Chairlift, head left to Jersey Cream Express and ride the lift to the top. Take a right and follow the easy traverse Expressway to your 5th Powder Stash- you’ll have the option to ski Raptor’s Ride, Where’s Joe, Watch Out and Yard Sale, all leading to Sunset Boulevard.

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola
Take Solar Coaster Express and hop on the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola to Whistler Mountain, where you’re in for loads more powder stashes.

Arriving on Whistler Mountain, take the busy traverse Upper Whiskey Jack towards the mogul covered run Seppo’s.

Chunky’s Choice
Follow Seppo’s all the way to Ptarmigan and then ride the Whistler Village Gondola from Olympic Station. Once at the top of the Whistler Village Gondola, turn left down Ratfink where you’ll have a choice of Dapper’s Delight and Chunky’s Choice.

**In Deep **
From either Garbanzo Express or from the Roundhouse Lodge you can jump onto In Deep, which is a couple of nice gentle tree runs through the lower glades.




Short and relatively tame mogul run.


Middle line of fun terrain sandwiched between The Bite and Blowdown

Raptor's Ride

First option for gladed skiing off Expressway through selectively thinned trees

Watch Out

One of the options for tree skiing accessible by the Expressway road in the sub-alpine.

Yard Sale

One of the gladed runs accessible by the Expressway road.


Mogul run intersecting the Garbanzo lift line, unique fall line


Longer mogul run beginning from the top of the Emerald Express

In Deep

Two tree lines through the lower glades