Stepping It Up : Intermediate Dolomites Ski Tours

Fabulous ski adventures for those wanting to push into typically epic Dolomites terrain!

Charlie Boscoe


Ready to go!

by Charlie Boscoe

Great skiing midway down

by Charlie Boscoe

Heading down in worsening weather

by Charlie Boscoe

Midway up the ascent

by Charlie Boscoe

Skinning up through the beautiful forests low down

by Charlie Boscoe

On the summit of Monte Mondeval

by Marcello Cominetti

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The Rifugio Fanes

Looking at the Setsass from Sief

by Marcello Cominetti

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On the way across the plateau to the drop in.

by Charlie Boscoe

Creative Commons: Attribution
Skiing away from the gondola and into the wilds.

by Charlie Boscoe

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The Dolomites have something of a reputation in the ski world - they're considered steep, serious, and the preserve only of elite skiers. That's true, to an extent, but as our guidebook to easier Dolomites tours - - shows, there are some incredible low-grade ski adventures to be had in the region too.

This guidebook is for those skiers looking to make the leap between those easy tours, and the highly technical routes in here -

We've included 6 ski tours in here which will present a challenge but should still be doable for those who completed the routes in the aforementioned easier tours guidebook. The 6 trips listed here will take you all over the Dolomites so doing these will not only provide you with some epic skiing, they'll also give you an excuse to explore one of the most scenic mountain ranges in Europe!


Monte Mondeval

Minimal effort and technicality, maximum views and ambience!

Mezdi Valley

A true Dolomites classic with a short approach and some atmospheric skiing.

Col Toronn

A quickly accessed loop through some huge terrain