Find the perfect resort based Ski Tours around Savoie la Plagne

These resort ski tours are the perfect way of getting some exercise and a bit of stress-free mountain time!

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Over the past decade resort ski touring has become increasingly popular amongst alpine residents, and for good reason. The lack of avalanche danger and crevasses make it pretty stress-free and yet you can get a great, and mountain-specific, workout in beautiful surroundings. Ski resorts have long tolerated tourers using their pistes for a bit of training, but these same resorts are increasingly seeing the benefits of providing ski touring facilities, particularly in the Covid-19 era, where the definitions of travel and freedom were forever changed. We've showcased 7 resort ski tours in this mythical region. Views, ambience and perfect touring terrain are guaranteed on all 7! So whether you just want a quick blast, you're training for a mountain mission, or you just need a bit of chilled time in the hills, this is the guidebook you need.


Plagne Bellecote - Col de Forcle

Ideal route to start, alternating groomed and off-piste portions with a magnificent view of Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains.

Plagne Centre - Col de Forcle

This itinerary offers you the view from your door level by directly connecting the centre of the resort to the magnificent viewpoint offered by the Col de Forcle. The choice of simplicity.

La Roche - Le Fornelet

Route to familiarize yourself with cross-country skiing techniques, such as the famous conversions. It will be suitable for occasional cross-country skiers as well as for the most experienced skiers eager to train.

Les Coches - Plan Bois

Perfect itinerary to discover and learn about ski touring through a wild and natural forest.

Champagny - La Porcière

With its breathtaking view of the Grand Bec and the Glaciers de la Vanoise, this itinerary offers very steep slopes for good skiers but shortened, it can also be very well suited for initiation.