Find the perfect resort based Ski Tours in the Alpes du Sud

Access the wild part of the resorts in the Alpes du Sud in complete safety and with moderate difficulty.

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Itinéraire de SuperDévoluy Decthlond

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Here you find a selection of the best resort Ski Tours in the Alpes du Sud.


Itinéraire de Serre Mouton

An excellent introductory ski touring circuit with an accessible wilderness ridge area! At the top, the ridge offers a remarkable view of Serre Ponçon Lake.

Itinéraire Les Peyniers

A breathtaking ascent, access to unspoilt areas, this route offers freedom of sliding away from the hustle and bustle of the estate, as close as possible to unspoilt and safe nature thanks to a secure route.

Itinéraire de SuperDévoluy

Just enough time to enjoy. This itinerary is placed between a discovery trail and a sporting stroll, to start the descent before the ascent becomes too complicated and thus slide in complete serenity.

Itinéraire de L'Homme de Pierre

Effort and sight. These are the two main features of this itinerary, which will take you between the larch trees before leading to an exceptional view of the Serre Ponçon lake and the adjacent peaks.

Itinéraire de ski de randonnée

This itinerary is divided into two options depending on the level, each time with a crossing of quiet forest areas while never staying away from the slopes and lifts for long periods of time.

Itinéraire de ski de randonnée

See you at the exit of the woods! This sporting itinerary from Les Aiguilles is a direct route to the top of the treeless resort. A little something extra: a training park for the use of DVAs at the Aiguille.

Itinéraire de "Pré-Rouge"

Pleasure without difficulty. This shortened version of the Pre-Red route gets shorter before it becomes difficult and therefore becomes an optimal way to discover ski touring in the middle of a larch forest.