Australia's Highest Adventures : Kosciuszko Ski Tours

Ski tour to the top of Australia from the legendary Thredbo resort!

Charlie Boscoe



by Andrew Fysh


Australia might not be blessed with many huge peaks but it's one of the few countries in the World whose highest mountain can be ski toured easily in a half day hit. Mount Kosciuszko is 2228 metres but can be ascended without too much effort by starting from the lift system at Thredbo ski area; one of Australia's premier mountain destinations.

Ski touring Kosciuszko isn't just about summit bagging - the mountain is home to some really fun freeride terrain and we've covered some of the best lines through it in this guidebook. Having reached the summit, spending the rest of the exploring the various faces and bowls below it will provide an excellent day of skiing.

We've also included some superb adventures on Kosciuszko's neighbouring peaks, including Ram's Head and South Ram's Head, both of which have brilliant ski lines from their summits. For those who only want to put in minimal effort for their lines, you'll also find details of Dead Horse Gap Run - a brilliant freeride line which is accessed via the shortest of walks from the lift system.

Whether you're a peak bagger who wants to tick Australia's highest point, or simply a skier who wants some smile-inducing freeride, this guidebook has got you covered!


The Golden Gully

Golden rocks at the top of a continuous fall line down to Leatherbarrel Creek, provides some fantastic skiing with options from the Ramshead into the gully.

The Spur

The most vertical you will find in the valley, following the western spur from the Ramshead.

The Couloir

Starting on the summit of the Ramshead and heading the major drainage gully to the north, dropping down to Leatherbarrel Creek

The Corrie

Steep and rocky, leading into a more open bowl down to Leatherbarrel Creek

North East Simkin

A relatively featureless and faceless area, providing a nice gentle pitch rolling into steeper terrain towards Leatherbarrel creek

East Simkin

Your choice of one of two gullies heading east from Simkin Peak

North Twin East Face

Dropping sharply towards the north east of the Northern Twin Hump, this rolls down and mellows before hitting Leatherbarrel Creek.

Twin Hump

Dropping Eastwards down towards Leatherbarrel Creek

Southern Twin Face

Providing a steep entry then into sheltered gladed terrain, this area can hold some surprisingly good skiing

Kosciuszko South Face

Involving a kilometre of fairly flat skiing to the south, the run then drops down the sheltered southern side of Kosciuszko.

Western Face

The western flanks of Kosciuszko, the steepest skiing on the mountain other than the areas beneath the cornice

North East Face

The north eastern face of Australia's highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko, this lee slope is one of the earliest skiable slopes in Australia.

Kosciuszko to Townsend

The link between the two highest mountains in Australia, amazing views and a good ol' skin.

Townsend West Gully

Heading west off the summit of Townsend this drops into the bowl left towards Abbott Peak

Townsend West Face

From the summit of Townsend, this run provides 500 metres of continuous fall line, some of the highest on the range

Alice's Hook

Heading north west, then hooking southwest off Alice Rawson Peak, this run provides fews and the vertical to boot.

Rawson's West

Leading off the north spur to the west with wide lines available and views out across the plains

Townsend West Spur

Really nice terrain giving way to gladed areas at a nice sustained pitch.

Avalanche Alley

Off Townsend North Spur, this run follows a steep drainage gully eastwards into Lady Northcote Canyon.

The Alice Rawson Run

A fantastic run with consistent fall line from Alice Rawson Peak, down into Lady Northcote Canyon

Ian's Gully

450 vertical metres of well graded skiing down towards Lady Northcote Canyon

The Racecourse (South)

A real favourite in the right conditions, a great gullied run from the shoulder of Townsend down to Lake Albina.

Dead Horse Gap Run

A local favourite, dropping 400 vertical metres not too far from Thredbo dropping down to Dead Horse Gap car park.

South Ramshead

The rocky peak drops into mellow gladed terrain, which holds the snow tremendously well

The Cleft Rock Run

Further south down the valley from the likes of The Spur, this run provides some nice turns amongst the trees down to Leatherbarrel Creek

Southerly Ramshead

A great entry run into the backcountry with a relatively gentle gradient, above and below the tree line, featuring nicely spaced gums lower down for some tree skiing.