Spectacular Ski Tours around Cortina d’Ampezzo

Explore the Dolomites’ undiscovered gems with these 7 ski tours.





Heralded as being ‘Queen of the Dolomites’ by Dolomite Super Ski area, Cortina d’Ampezzo has everything from stunning scenery to expansive uncrowded pistes. As you enter the resort you will be struck by the immense beauty of the red-tinged Dolomite peaks towering above the village. There is also a timeless and relaxed feel to the place, which is brought alive by its cosy bars, stylish shops and fine Italian restaurants.

Comprised of three distinct areas, Cortina is a world-class resort, having hosted the Winter Olympics back in 1956, and set to hold them again in 2026, in conjunction with Milan. There is also a whole host of great off-piste skiing in the area.

This guidebook contains some of the best ski tours that Cortina has to offer. For instance, Creste Bianche is an absolute must for experienced skiers, a legendary line of the Cristello mountain range, and one of the most thrilling off-piste descents in the Dolomites.

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Vallencant Couloir

A very steep and narrow couloir in the Cristallo massif, the alpine experience includes a technical approach and a challenging descent. A great line that was named after Patrick Vallencant, although it was first skied by a local priest, who was an experienced alpine skier.

Ra Ola Couloir

The "Val di Mesdì" of Cortina d'Ampezzo - a beautiful descent for experienced skiers.

Forcella Padron, 2750m

A beautiful, steep and wide couloir on the sunny side of Cristallo mountain range offering a classic descent with corn snow.

Staunies North Couloir

Famed as a beautiful and steep couloir in the Dolomites, an 800m straight line down to Val Fonda.

Creste Bianche

Another famous line in the Cristallo mountain range, and one of the most spectacular off-piste descents in the Dolomites.

Cristallo North Couloir Ski traverse.

A fantastic mountaineering trip thats great for both alpinists and skiers, featuring a 500m climb up the steep south-east couloir (Bernardi) in order to reach the Cristallo North notch and ski down the steep north couloir, which is a 1500m total descent.