3 Routes from the 2021 film, Tales from Cascadia

Discover some of the routes featured in the filming of BLANK Collectives new film.

Jeff Thomas


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Anna Segal scouting lines for the day

Ian and ABM on lunch break at the lake before more lines

Alexi Godbout finding some powder

Stan Rey in the lower boulder fields

Alexi Godbout in the lower boulder fields

Arriving at the upper lake

We approve of Stan playing in the mid elevation pillow fields

lodge lines.jpg
lodge lines

by Stan Rey

Alexi Godbout Slashing a turn

by Stan Rey

Top View of lodge lines and beyond

by Stan Rey

Jordy Kidner laying one over

by Stan Rey


Cascadia, a bioregion defined by its unique natural characteristics, its people and its diversity. From the shores of the Pacific Coast, to the lush and snow-caked rainforests, to the grand volcanic mountain peaks this region has shaped the BLANK Collective. This winter, Blank Collective films have embedded themselves in Cascadia on a journey through tales that explain the harmony of this promised land.

BLANK Collective has spent the 2021 winter exploring new terrain and adventuring deeper throughout some of their favorite locations. Featured here are 3 routes from around British Columbia.

1 - Sentry Lodge: Lodge Lines
Built in 2012, Sentry is an elegantly simple and sustainable new era backcountry alpine lodge designed to inspire. The lodge gets a lot of the attention but the terrain around Sentry is truly what makes it special. Great treesking right below the hut, short walks to epic pillow zones made famous in numerous ski movies. Or head out the back of the hut into Secret Valley for endless alpine runs on varying aspects. There are lots of great natural circuits that check all the boxes for what a backcountry ski trip should be.
Part of the Golden Alpine Holidays grouping of huts, Sentry and the “Lodge Lines” have been featured in a variety of movies for years. This season, BLANK worked with GAH to feature Sentry, as well as there other huts in a “traverse” segment connecting them all 4 huts. The lodge lines route is a beauty and can be seen from the hut! Step outside and after a short walk you are on top of a variety “movie” lines that can be lapped all-day long.

2- Journeyman Lodge: T33 East Flank
You know those legendary snowstorms that dump metres of powder on Whistler and Blackcomb each winter? They all hit Callaghan Country first, and harder. Nestled at 1370 metres (4500 feet) with and average winter snowfall of 6.2 metres (20 feet), Journeyman Lodge offers authentic, unique, and customizable backcountry adventures that begin right outside our door. A full-service backcountry chalet set deep in the heart of Whistler, British Columbia’s Callaghan wilderness, 13.8 kilometer (8.4 miles) from the nearest road. Journeyman Lodge offers everything from professionally guided adventure packages to self-propelled wilderness quests throughout the expansive and diverse terrain.
This route is a favorite of ours, and delivers a huge variety of terrain. A moderate route that provides skiing for all abilities and all conditions. Go higher on stable sunny days or play in the old-growth and pillows on storm days.

3 - Duffey Lake Highway: Joffre Shoulder
Considered as one of the most scenic drives in British Columbia, the Duffey Lake Road isn't so much about going fast as it is about enjoying the journey and discovering everything along the way. The road connects Pemberton BC to Lillooet BC. Just a short drive from Whistler Blackcomb, it is a favourite for backcountry skiing and snowmobiling.
We have been venturing around the Duffey for years but this year decided to do a bit more filming up there. Joffre shoulder is a reasonably popular route with locals and is great for storm days. If you are willing to go for a little longer walk you will come across bigger pillows and sub-alpine terrain lines/faces with incredible views.

Tune in this fall to BLANK Collectives new film, Tales from Cascadia and many more feature routes.