Scotland's 5 Best Freeride Lines

Best known for its ski touring, these adventures show that Scotland has some incredible freeriding too!

Charlie Boscoe







Lift-accessed skiing perhaps isn't something that springs to mind when you think of Scotland but this list will soon change that! Spread across 3 of the country's biggest ski resorts, these lines are easy to get to, exciting and aesthetic.

The unique topography of Scotland is ideal for skiing and the clever positioning of its ski resorts allows you to access some wonderful terrain straight off a lift. There are plenty of long, difficult ski tours in the areas surrounding these lines but when fresh snow falls, these 5 lines should be top of your hit-list before you even think about doing any ski touring!


Flypaper Freeride

This is one steep ‘ol run! Varying between 40 and 45 degrees, depending on snow conditions - you want to make sure you’re switched on for this one!


This is one awesome bowl that has got to be on the to-do list for all backcountry skiers in the area, with easy access back to resort.

Back Corries - Chancer

Chancer offers the longest descent down to Braveheart Chairlift, but is reserved for advanced skiers.

Ciste Gully

One of Cairngorm's longest descents close to the lift system