6 of the Best Ski Tours from Rogers Pass

Rightly considered one of the finest ski touring destinations in North America, Rogers Pass is home to some gems - here are 6 of them!

Charlie Boscoe


Tupper Traverse.jpg

Both lower couloirs can be skied, the one on lookers' left should not require a rappel though.

In the middle of the line.

Sifton 7.jpg
Summit of Little Sifton

Licence Free

Sifton 11.jpg
Open Alpine above Grizzly Knob

Sifton 2.jpg
Ascending the Summit Slopes. Mt Sifton in the background

Sifton 9.jpg
Ascending Grizzly Shoulder towards the Little Sifton Col

Sifton 3.jpg
Approaching the Little Sifton Col

Sifton 8.jpg
The Rockwall at Grizzly Knob

Sifton 1.jpg
Descending through the Grizzly Slide Path near the highway.


Good cold pow

forever-young line.jpg
A long way but its worth it

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 00.36.26.png
Shredding halfway down the couloir


Just 40 minutes from Revelstoke is a small section of highway known to ski tourers the World over - Rogers Pass. The terrain is huge, the snow reliable and cold, and the potential for adventure is virtually unlimited.

In this guidebook you'll find 2 classic ski traverses with steady skiing and no overly technical terrain, 2 serious steep ski lines and a couple of routes somewhere in the middle.

Whether you stay in Revelstoke and just head up to Rogers for the day or you stay in the forests around the Pass, the area is likely to leave you wanting more. Many people have made this their "go to" ski touring area and you will understand why after doing these tours!


The Tupper Traverse

A mini-ski traverse including high alpine bowls, glaciers & a massive run down the Connaught avalanche slide path.