12 Breathtaking Freeride Lines in Monte Rosa

Spread across 3 valleys in northern Italy, the Monte Rosa ski area is a paradise for big mountain skiers and lies just 2 hours from Milan.

Charlie Boscoe




Second in height only to Mont Blanc, the Monte Rosa is one of the biggest and most impressive massifs in the Alps. The potential for skiing in the area is virtually unlimited and freeriders with a sense of adventure will love it here. This guidebook showcases the best freeride lines accessible from the lifts of the MonteRosa ski area, the carpark of which lies just 2 hours from Milan city centre! There's everything here from cruisy, stress-free valley runs through to steep and exciting couloirs and everything in between.

Once you're worked your way through these there are some fabulous ski tours to be done in the area including, if you're up for a BIG adventure, this one -



La Balma Classic

One of the classic off piste runs in the Alagna area giving access to many other lines, with a long descent on wide slopes in an isolated environment.

La Malfatta

The Malfatta is the most beautiful itinerary of the Monte Rosa area. Technical access with a rope and serious ambience make this tour very popular amongst freeriders.

Couloir Dente Bors

This is a variation of the Balma classic. A route for experienced skiers, familiar with exposed slopes and with good navigation skills.

Vallone d'Olen

The Olen valley is not so far from the piste and is perfect terrain for novice freerider

Salza Valley

One of the great classic routes in the Monte Rosa area: long and complex in high mountain terrain.


A nice tour through a beautiful village


One of the best itineraries of this area: wide slopes and a wild environment.