A long and muddy day to finish off a great backpacking trip


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The final day on the Juan De Fuca trail is the longest of the trip.

The terrain here is less challenging than in other places, but this is probably the worst section for mud.

You will want to get an early start to this trail, it is a long trek to get to Botanical beach and you want to allow plenty of time to stop and enjoy the scenery along the way.

There are some beautiful sections of forested trail that you will be hiking through, with more old growth forest and 2 more suspension bridges to cross over. This is a very muddy trail - you really don't want to attempt this without gaiters or it could be a very miserable day as your shoes fill with mud! As you get to Botanical Beach your 4 day trek is almost over, but before you begin the easy trail back to the car, stop to check out some of the rock pools on Botanical Beach if it's low tide.

They are full of wildlife and you will see a wide range of sea creatures. The final part of the trail from Botanical Beach to the parking lot is an easy trail that will give you some time to reflect on the past 4 days you spent on the wild and challenging Juan De Fuca Trail.

If you want to add a little bit of distance onto the trip, you can take the loop trail at Botanical Beach back to the parking lot, this is an easy and very well maintained trail, but has a good viewpoint and some great views of the forest.

This trail is only around 1km longer than taking the direct route back but is a much nicer trail. Once you return to the parking lot, it's still a 2 hour drive back to Victoria, which is another reason you want to get an early start for this long but very rewarding day.