6 Incredibly Scenic Hikes Near Hong Kong

Give your legs a good shake-up on 6 of Hong Kong’s top peaks.

Fabienne Lang


Wilson Trail 1.jpeg
View from Wilson Trail 1 by Violet Hill

by Fabienne Lang

Tai Tam Reservoir.jpeg
Tai Tam Reservoir

by Fabienne Lang

Repulse Bay from the Twins_Mark Lehmkuhler_Flickr.jpg
View of Stanley from the Twins_Mark Lehmkuhler_Flickr.jpg
Sunset Peak_29cm_Flickr.jpg
Sunset Peak_hangraffiti_Flickr.jpg
Sunset Peak huts.jpg
Stone huts on Sunset Peak

by K.S. Wu

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Tai Long Wan.jpeg
Views along your hike

by Fabienne Lang

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Tai Long Wan Beach.JPG
Sharp Peak behind Tai Long Wan Beach

by Fabienne Lang

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Tai Long Wan_Tom Page_Flickr.jpg
Tai Long Wan Beach from the other side Nam She Tsim

by Tom Page

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Sharp Peak.jpeg
View from the top Instagram

by Natasha Tang

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Sharp Peak Top.jpeg
Panorama from Sharp Peak Instagram

by Natasha Tang

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View of the Big Buddha from the hike

by Fabienne Lang

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The Big Buddha

by fruit pat

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Hong Kong is synonymous with the concrete jungle. Better known for its bustling streets and towering high-rise buildings, you’ll be surprised to learn 75% of the Territory is green. With its 24 national parks dotted near the city, and its incredibly well-connected public transportation system, the city’s many remarkable hikes are easily accessible.

Sure, the view of the city from the top of the ICC in West Kowloon is mesmerising. But the outlook and expanse of space from the peak of Hong Kong’s many mountains are awe-inspiring. Watching the vibrant orange sunset over Sunset Peak on Lantau Island or the sun slowly rising above Stanley from the crest of the Twins, sending cascades of light shimmering off the surrounding South China Sea is incomparable. After all, you doubly enjoy the view after the effort you’ve put in climbing to the top of the hill.

Three of my favourite hikes in Hong Kong are three of its most challenging ones. I chose these trails because you’ll push yourself physically and mentally, you’ll discover different parts of the region, you’ll get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled views from all three peaks. Of course, being a populated part of the world, you’ll encounter other hikers along your way. However, as these are tougher trails, there are fewer hikers than on some of the more popular routes.

This guidebook contains two hikes on Hong Kong Island itself, two on nearby Lantau Island with its sprawling sea views, one in Kowloon, and one in Sai Kung on the mainland, where you can reward yourself with a local seafood feast, before cruising back on a speedboat.

From their high vantage points, these six heart-pumping hikes offer unique views over the city, mountains, and sea, and all can be easily accessed by public transport or by car.

Get your trainers on, pack lots of water, and get hiking!


Twin Peaks and Violet Hill

Often referred to as The Twins, this short and sharp hike takes you over three hills and up more than 1,200 steps for breathtaking views of the island’s south side.

Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak hike on Lantau Island is a heroic stairway climbing challenge to one of the best viewpoints in Hong Kong.

Sharp Peak

The longest hike in this guidebook, Sharp Peak is surrounded by turquoise waters, small fishing villages, and white sand beaches. You’ll easily forget you’re in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Lantau Peak

Head up Hong Kong's second tallest peak for a heart-thumping, extremely scenic hike.

Lion Rock

An exciting hike with an epic stair climb through lush forest followed by arguably the best city views of Hong Kong