Scenic Ski Tours near Santiago

From the city to skiing in record time, welcome to Santiago's backyard!

Andes Nomade


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After an amazing run, at the bottom of the line.

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The face

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Ready to drop

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Ready to drop at the start of the line.

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The face in springtime.

The colorful Cerro Pintor with Cerro Plomo in the background.

Great view of the city

Enjoying the descent already in the open

The face of the lines from the top of Falsa Parva


This area presents the incredible possibility to escape from the big city and get on skis in less
than an hour. In Farellones and its surroundings you can enjoy freeride in the ski centres, but
for those looking for more of an extra adventure, the area is also surrounded by fantastic
touring ski areas where you can get to steeper, more extreme and remote descents.

These 3 routes are some of the many amazing routes around Farellones where you will find good slopes and the best snow conditions in the area. This is not a sector with glaciers or crevasses, but due to its
varied climatic conditions and geography, the terrain has a high probability of avalanches, so
to ski in these areas you must have previous knowledge and must study the region before going.

These areas are the largest skiable domains of South America, so it has good access. You can go
for the day but also stay a few days and stay in Farellones mountain village, or the ski centres of La
Parva, El Colorado or Valle Nevado. All of them have a friendly and familiar atmosphere, with
restaurants and the potential for some entertaining evenings(!)

So for those who visit or live in Santiago during the winter season and have few days free, this
is the perfect place where you can enjoy an incredible view from the mountains to the city.
The area also provides some of the best sunsets in the Andes, and as if all that wasn't enough, the ski tours are pretty epic in themselves!


Santa Tere

A paradise of good snow and stunning terrain!