Big Mountain Skiing at Germany's Zugspitze

3 epic freeride lines at Germany's highest ski area.

Charlie Boscoe




Sitting right next to the Austro-German border, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain Germany and is home to some of the finest and most exciting ski terrain in the Eastern Alps.

These 3 lines would be considered major undertakings in Chamonix or La Grave and ticking all of them will require extremely strong all round ski mountaineering skills. If you got committed on these routes and then found that conditions or your skill level do not match the required standards, you'd be in trouble! As such, make sure that you are up to these lines before attempting them - the satisfaction will be all the greater when you do finally tick them.

If you're keen to do these lines but want to get some more freeride practise in beforehand, check out these guidebooks to some areas near the Zugspitze.'s-best-freeride-lines's-best-lift-accessed-ski-tours's-highest-ski-resort's-most-epic-freeride-lines


Neue Welt

THE classic freeride line at the Zugspitze


The easiest freeride descent from the Zugspitze