Lines from 'Working Volks Freeride'

Neil Williman


Neil, Team Useless & Snowmads are currently touring with their 2021 movie "IBK Powder People" (trailer above).

Before they drop the movie, Neil thought he'd share with the FATMAP Community a little taster of the kind of lines he enjoys skiing. These particular lines are from their previous movie "Working Volks Freeride Project".

Which shows how “with planning, dedication, and cheap direct flights” Neil was able to maintain his job as a sewer design engineer in Brighton, England, whilst also being one of the most well-known free riders in Innsbruck!

@axamer_lizum ski resort has hosted the Winter Olympics twice! Neil wanted to make a movie to show how amazing both the people and place is, and this is it!

Schneiderspitze Couloir

Schneiderspitze Couloir

Axamer Lizum
746 m
51 °
285 m
3.1 km
An intimidating couloir with a mandatory air in the middle, that's only on in certain conditions
Straightline chute to big air

Straightline chute to big air

Axamer Lizum
270 m
46 °
0 m
0.7 km
The entrance is tight, and there's a big cliff in the middle if you're up for it