France's Finest Resort Ski Touring

Explore the French mountains as safely as possible, and get an insight into why so many French skiers are so fit!



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Itinéraire de SuperDévoluy Decthlond

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1 Decthlon

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Perfect early season powder and views before the lifts open for the season.

by Charlie Boscoe

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Enjoying the early season freshies.

by Charlie Boscoe

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Finding a little stash off to the side of the pistes.

by Charlie Boscoe

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Resort ski touring has exploded in popularity across France in the past couple of decades. It's a superb way to get fit, enjoy a bit of company and see some of the best scenery in the Alps.

Many French skiers and climbers over the past century have had legendary fitness, and when you do these tours you'll begin to understand why - the ski slopes of France are full of lycra-clad ski tourers and none of them are going slowly! Pushing hard and getting the heart rate up is part of the resort ski touring experience for many in France, and while that doesn't mean you need to join in, it does mean that you're unlikely to be the fastest person on the hill when you do these tours!

One final thing - resort touring takes place, by definition, in a ski resort. Before doing any of these tours, make sure that you’re allowed to do so at that time. With grooming machines driving around, and resorts entitled to stop tourers using their runs if the rules are ignored, please stick to the restrictions of each resort. We want to be able to keep ski touring next season and all the ones after that - as on every ski day, the goal should always be to “ski tomorrow”!


Plagne Bellecote - Col de Forcle

Ideal route to start, alternating groomed and off-piste portions with a magnificent view of Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains.

Plagne Centre - Col de Forcle

This itinerary offers you the view from your door level by directly connecting the centre of the resort to the magnificent viewpoint offered by the Col de Forcle. The choice of simplicity.

La Roche - Le Fornelet

Route to familiarize yourself with cross-country skiing techniques, such as the famous conversions. It will be suitable for occasional cross-country skiers as well as for the most experienced skiers eager to train.

Les Coches - Plan Bois

Perfect itinerary to discover and learn about ski touring through a wild and natural forest.

Montchavin - Pierre Blanches

Magnificent itinerary through the Montchavin forest allowing you to refine your cross-country skiing techniques or simply to accumulate altitude differences.

Champagny - La Porcière

With its breathtaking view of the Grand Bec and the Glaciers de la Vanoise, this itinerary offers very steep slopes for good skiers but shortened, it can also be very well suited for initiation.

La Marge

That view! When you arrive at the top of the resort (1845 m), enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the mountains of the Massif des Bauges, the Chartreuse, the Belledonnes and in the background the Mont Blanc.

Les Crêtes

Mont Blanc at your fingertips! The highest peak in Europe and the main summits of the Bauges are revealed before you, as is the Belledonne chain, not to mention the Chartreuse and Vanoise mountains.

La Trace Bleue

This route, separated from the ski area without leaving it for safety, is ideal for beginners. An accessible pleasure.

La Trace Rouge

A technical course and rather adapted to trained practitioners, this trail makes it possible to join the blue trail to lengthen the walk through the fir trees and enjoy the panorama of Mont-Blanc.

La Trace Pro

New itinerary! A trail reserved for experienced practitioners to enjoy another panorama of the resort and probably the most beautiful on the Pierra Menta.

Millet Ski Touring

Like a bicycle collar! This intermediate level exit is distinguished by the bollards present throughout the route to indicate the remaining difficulties.

Plum KV

Come and see the times of the world's best ski mountaineers! This course is the support of a concept where everyone can compare their performances and try to beat the record held by the Spanish star, Kilian Jornet.

Piste de randonnée de Solaise

Rise above the station to better admire it! An itinerary accessible to all and a possible descent to the heart of the village.

Parcours de l'Hermine

The classic and sporty route par excellence, sailing through the woods to bring you back, you never know, to La Rosière!

Parcours à Serge

A specifically groomed trail, a view of Mont Blanc at the top... Here is a certain idea of luxury, ski touring version!

Parcours du Roc

Like its counterpart "Parcours à Serge", this course combines the advantages of providing both a groomed trail and a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc.

La Camille

A journey in the form of a tribute: at the start of the resort, the track pays tribute to Camille Rey, a high mountain guide and above all a great name in the history of Val Thorinoise.

Sentier de la Montagnette

Looking for sunshine? This south-east facing route will meet your expectations while offering an open view of the Belleville Valley throughout the ascent.

La Marine

Ideal route to climb without hurrying: the Navy has a gentle slope so that the effort remains pleasant!

La Moutière

Objective seen! This trail takes you to 2400m to admire the valley from an exceptional angle. The little something extra? A long distance for a rather small difference in altitude!

Les 2 Lacs

Perfect route to start while enjoying the altitude, being constantly above 2200m of altitude, and finally enjoy the remarkable setting offered by the plateau of the two lakes.

Piste de montée permanente des Rhodos

Ideal intermediate route to progress. The little bonus: the possibility to relax and also to change in the high altitude restaurant at the top of the hill.

Les Charmettes par le Planay

Short route with a slight difference in altitude, direct return to the village centre: this is the perfect option for a first ski touring outing!

Plan Bois par le Planay

An ideal route to progress and take your eyes full, as it hills between forests and open areas. The highlight: a quick and direct return to the resort.

Charmettes d'en haut par le planay

Picnic lens! The tables at your disposal await you at the top of the hill and are a perfect pretext to embark on this itinerary, which is distinct from the other three proposed by the resort.


Attention, change of category! More than just an introduction, this is the route for the resort's sports hikers, ski version. A useful option for training without looking for your itinerary!

La trace des Arcs - Arc 1600

Perfect choice for a safe intermediate level outing with a proximity to the alpine ski slopes of the area. A new option that will become a classic.

Les Tétras - Arc 1800

Very interesting route to progress with regular and repeated turns like the most beautiful ski touring routes. A miniature version of the competitions!

Itinéraire découverte

Between the initiation and the intermediate level, this course offers a pleasant outing on the edge of the alpine ski slopes. A family option.

Les Verdaches

The sporting option of the domain with a more significant difference in altitude. Arriving at the top of the resort at the end of the afternoon with the descent by the slopes is a not inconsiderable pleasure!

Le Rosset

Ideal for beginners or for blowing, being both very accessible and very well positioned by giving access to the top of the station. Guaranteed oxygenation.

Le Moriond

One itinerary, two starting options, one commitment: the natural side! Experienced hikers will find a suitable playground in this itinerary.


Right into the slope! The warm-up is of short duration before entering the steep slope, but the effort will be of short duration. An ideal pleasure/sport mix.

Itinéraire de Planchamp

Want to have a view of Mont Blanc, Beaufortain and the Lauzière range from the same place? This hike offers you two departure options for the same arrival point.


Beauregard is the charm of the Aravis massif, which has been authentically preserved. A hike highly recommended for its beauty!


A feature of this itinerary? Its steep slopes. A strong point? His point of view on the Mont Blanc at the top. This is an idea for an outing reserved for experienced hikers!

Les Houches / Prarion

Train safely, in almost any condition? This is the program proposed by this varied route at the foot of Mont Blanc. One of the first of its kind to have been created in France.

Le Plan des Dames

Perfect intermediate hike, offering a less known and very impressive view of Mont Blanc. Such a beautiful panorama is worth it!

La Crève-Cœur

Don't stop on his name: the heartbreak is not so inaccessible! The effort associated with the significant difference in altitude is compensated by the fairly gentle slope and the magnificent arrival at the summit.

Les Tronchets

The Tronchets itinerary is a beautiful path between valleys and forests, two ski lengths from the alpine slopes. The opportunity to race with your friends who use the lifts?

Combe / Biollaire

Cross-country skiing under the stars is a pleasure that enthusiasts appreciate and it is the possibility offered by this route.

Plein Soleil

Climb to the top of the cable car, without using it and with a magnificent panorama on arrival. This is the idea of this intermediate route, the most sporty of the Carroz.

Argentière / Lognan par la Trapette

45 uphill turns is pretty charming, isn't it? Behind this figure is a more welcoming itinerary than it seems on the first slopes of the impressive Mont Blanc massif.

Itinéraire d'initiation 1

Full right! Full right! This signposted route escapes from the resort via the North in the middle of nature before returning to the ski area. A pleasant introduction.

Itinéraire d'initiation 2

More of a crossing than a climb, this intermediate itinerary will give you a magnificent panoramic view of the Taillefer chain.

Itinéraire d'initiation 3

Third part of the overall itinerary of the Alpe du Grand Serre, this itinerary will allow you to discover a magnificent panorama of the Taillefer chain, the Matheysin plateau and further on the Obiou, the Vercors.

Piste du Vallon du Diable

There's going to be sports! This steep and consequent itinerary will suit those who enjoy physical effort. They will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Venéon valley!

Piste de la Vallée Blanche

An itinerary, two options on the western side of the Deux Alpes, a slope often less frequented by alpine skiers, a valuable fact for hikers!

La Scia

The classic one! The Grenoble's favourite route takes you through the woods to the top of the resort. The most? An almost permanent trace in addition to the markings.

Creux de la Neige

Beginners and motivated? This outing is made for you, with a significant difference in altitude while remaining very accessible. A crush.

Col de Porte

Getting started at the Col de Porte, at the foot of Chamechaude, is like working on your snowplough at the foot of the Kiztbühel descent, it makes you want to do more!

Itinéraire de ski de randonnée

This itinerary is divided into two options depending on the level, each time with a crossing of quiet forest areas while never staying away from the slopes and lifts for long periods of time.

Itinéraire de "Pré-Rouge"

Pleasure without difficulty. This shortened version of the Pre-Red route gets shorter before it becomes difficult and therefore becomes an optimal way to discover ski touring in the middle of a larch forest.

Itinéraire de ski de randonnée

See you at the exit of the woods! This sporting itinerary from Les Aiguilles is a direct route to the top of the treeless resort. A little something extra: a training park for the use of DVAs at the Aiguille.

Itinéraire de L'Homme de Pierre

Effort and sight. These are the two main features of this itinerary, which will take you between the larch trees before leading to an exceptional view of the Serre Ponçon lake and the adjacent peaks.

Itinéraire de Monêtier les Bains

Serre Chevalier once again offers several options on this route from Monêtier-les-Bains: 3 different gradients with the possibility of easily escaping through the slopes depending on the level of each one. The choice is yours!

Itinéraire de SuperDévoluy

Just enough time to enjoy. This itinerary is placed between a discovery trail and a sporting stroll, to start the descent before the ascent becomes too complicated and thus slide in complete serenity.

Itinéraire de la Joue du Loup

This itinerary is the ideal intermediate ski touring outing, with a medium altitude difference, precise marking and a descent on the slopes of the ski area. A fun outing that is easy to do.

Itinéraire Les Peyniers

A breathtaking ascent, access to unspoilt areas, this route offers freedom of sliding away from the hustle and bustle of the estate, as close as possible to unspoilt and safe nature thanks to a secure route.

Itinéraire de Serre Mouton

An excellent introductory ski touring circuit with an accessible wilderness ridge area! At the top, the ridge offers a remarkable view of Serre Ponçon Lake.

Bonascre Saquet

This itinerary for intermediate to advanced hikers navigates between forest and ridge. Its easy access and breathtaking view of the summit in good weather make it an undeniable favorite!

Itinéraire de la Crête d'Aube

A safe outing to discover cross-country skiing with a charming arrival at the Cabanou mountain restaurant. Very nice setting in good weather!

Itinéraire 1

On the way to the top! This direct route allows you to quickly reach the top of the resort, mainly through the forest. For the more experienced, an extension to the surrounding peaks is possible.

Itinéraire de l'Intégrale de Cotch

A big itinerary made up of four small ones: the complete Cotch is a hell of an outing! However, the four sectors can be implemented independently, allowing everyone to learn about this practice in complete safety.

Itinéraire Le Bois

A perfect combination of a very accessible itinerary and a wild setting, this outing will take you to the only altiport in the Pyrenees via the Vallée Blanche.

Itinéraire 2

Unlike the first Formiguères itinerary, this second itinerary escapes from the resort through the woods to offer ski touring enthusiasts a pleasant outing with a reasonable gradient.

Itinéraire 3

This itinerary n°3 completes itinerary n°2 by proposing a continuation towards the top of the resort. After the forest, you can enjoy unspoilt landscapes on a course that leads you to the top of the Serre de Maury ski lift without steep slopes. Blow, you're here!

Itinéraire de ski de randonnée

Recommended itinerary per day of good weather with a splendid view from the summit of Morond (1419m) over Lake Geneva and the Alps, including Mont Blanc. Exceptional!

Le Hohneck

Classic route for the first conversions. Almost always traced, it is the ideal second stage to progress smoothly after the Gashney route!

Le Gashney

Very often covered, it is the initiation route to ski touring par excellence. Note the possibility of downhill skiing on the alpine ski slopes.

Les Houches Piste Tour

A classic piste tour which provides access to the Kandahar - one of the most famous pistes in the World.


L'Atac is the perfect ski tour to train and to get to the summit of Mont Pelat quickly.

Grandes Platières par l'Almandine

Montée safe et sympathique principalement en suivant le sentier de la piste de l'Almandine, direction les Grandes Platières et un magnifique vue sur le massif du Mont Blanc


A good way to stretch the legs and get some close up views of the Glacier d'Argentière