Hike and Fly Tours - South Israel

Scenic Hike and Fly Tours around Israel

Eliya Zemmour


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This guidebook contains some of the most scenic Hike and Fly tours around Israel! Are you a pilot and happen to be in the region? Go Try. Go Discover. I recommend to download the routes offline if you plan to use them during the tour, and the estimated times on the map do not factor finding the take-off spot and preparing your gear for take-off. Allow at least another 30min for this. The times neither factor rests. At any rate - allow also the time to walk down if not flyable. (This guidebook/my website (https://en.hikeflyisrael.com) is for hike and fly tours and describes only in bullet points the principles of the tours. The underlined assumption is that users are autonomous and experienced paragliding pilots (and hikers) to plan and execute adventures on their own.)