Explore the Ski Touring Mecca of Teton Pass

If you are seeking a bit of solitude and don't want to buy a liftpass at Jackson, get to Teton Pass and ski these classic lines.

Charlie Boscoe




Nestled close to the Idaho/Wyoming border, midway between the towns of Victor and Jackson, the Teton Pass is home to some of the finest ski touring terrain on the North American continent. Sitting at over 2500m/8400ft it's also extremely snow sure, and has a blissfully long touring season.

The possibility for exploration from the Pass is almost limitless but these lines will get you started and will get you on top of a few peaks from where you'll be able to plot future adventures and pick out some plum lines.

While you're in the area, check out these guidebooks to the skiing in Jackson, which is just 20 minutes drive away.




Taylor Ascent

A popular and iconic ski off Teton Pass. Perfect for those looking for a longer day tour.

Taylor, E

One of the most notable ski descents in the Teton Pass area

Big Piney

An expansive treeskiing zone that is north-west facing.

Second Turn

Wide open tree skiing that's just a bit farther than the first turn