Gorgeous Day Hikes in the Stubai Valley

Use the Stubai's superb public transport and uplift network to do these hikes without ever needing to stay in a hut!

Charlie Boscoe


The Sulzenauhütte perched just below the high mountains and glaciers

by Charlie Boscoe

Looking at the Sulzenauhütte with the Stubai Valley glowing below

by Charlie Boscoe

Walking down to the lift with the Stubai Valley visible below. N.B. This photo was taken when doing this route the opposite way to how it's described here.

by Charlie Boscoe

Looking up towards the summit

by Charlie Boscoe

Looking down on the Elferhütte with the Stubai valley laid out below

by Charlie Boscoe

Looking into the Pinnistal valley shortly after starting the hike

by Charlie Boscoe

Descending down to the Franz Senn Hütte in the evening light

by Charlie Boscoe

Checking the map above the Rinnensee.

by Charlie Boscoe

Moody views from the summit

by Charlie Boscoe

The summit cross watching bad weather approach

by Charlie Boscoe

Only 6 to go now! The view from the summit in snowy, autumnal conditions

by Charlie Boscoe


In most mountain ranges on Earth you'd have to work hard to access high and wild terrain, but in the Stubai you can get to it after a comfortable night spent in Innsbruck city centre. The valley itself is accessed via both a bus and a (very scenic) tram, and, once there, there's an excellent bus network to ferry you around the various parts of the area.

The Stubai valley contains 4 ski areas (Stubai Gletscher, Elferbahn, Schlick 2000 and Mieders) and in this guidebook we've got at least one hike from each of them, as well as a beautiful trip up to a typically welcoming Tirolian hut. The hikes in here vary greatly in length, from the short stroll from Mieders to Maria Waldrast monastery through to the long and challenging trip up Rinnenspitze.

No less than 4 of the famous Stubai Seven Summits are listed in here, but if you want to do all 7 of them then we've got them covered in detail here - https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/170/the-stubai-valley-seven-summits

The fact that 4 of the 7 can be done as day trips just goes to show how excellent the access is here - you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Innsbruck city and pick your Stubai hiking days. Alternatively you could choose to stay in one of the Stubai's charming and historic villages.

Whichever option you choose, high quality and low commitment hiking trips await!



A wonderful, mid-length, circular hike with impressive scenery through the dramatic peaks of the Stubai Valley.


A classic there-and-back hike to a dramatic peak

Hoher Burgstall

A beautiful summit which is famous for being the first ever Alpine peak climbed by Sir Edmumd Hillary!


The so-called “Altar of Tirol”, Serles is the most famous peak in the region, and rules the view above Innsbruck.