Aerothlon Pemberton 2022

Run - Paraglide - Mountain bike. All in one day!

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Run - Paraglide - Mountain bike, all in one day!
A unique and spectacular event like no other in the Sea-to-Sky.

This is our fourth Aerothlon event in the beautiful Pemberton Valley.

The course consists of an approximate 3,000ft, 1000 metre vertical run from the valley up to the Upper Mackenzie Paraglide launch where then a 6km paraglide flight to the designated landing area, (we may put in a GPS point and longer flight depending on conditions) then a 14km mountain bike loop back to the start and finish area.

Option 1: 3x3 Relay
Opt in and Aerothlon will form a team for you or you can make your own. Decide if you want to run/hike, paraglide or bike. Person 1: Run/Hike up to the upper Mackenzie Paraglide Launch. Person 2: Paraglides down to the LZ. Person 3: rides the bike course to the finish line.

Option 2: Duo
Opt in and Aerothlon will pair you up with a Paraglider. Leg 1: Run/hike up to the upper Mackenzie Paraglide Launch and then tandem down with a qualified pilot. Leg 2: Jump on your bike at the LZ and bike the course to the finish line.

Option 3: Solo
You have all your own gear and complete all 3 disciplines on your own.

Transitions are not timed, but each segment is timed, fastest overall time wins!

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Supported by the PVTA - a not-for-profit, volunteer-run group with a mandate to build, maintain and advocate for trails in Pemberton, BC.