Iron Legs Mountain Races

Amazing courses show casing how amazing the Canadian Rockies are. The courses are challenging, beautiful and rewarding.

Iron Legs Mountain races


Iron Legs Powderface 1 (1).jpeg
Iron Legs Powderface 1 (1).jpeg
Iron Legs Powderface 3 (1).jpeg
Iron Legs Powderface 2 (1).jpeg
Iron Legs Moose 2 (1).jpeg
Iron Legs Moose 3 (1).jpeg
Iron Legs Moose 1 (1).jpeg


The goal of Iron Legs Mountain Races is to provide a quality race experience regardless of which distance you choose. Each distance provides amazing single track, fantastic views, challenging climbs and lots of smiles.

Since the first runners stepped off the start line in 2009 we have worked hard to ensure each year is a great experience for everyone there. We are also proud to have been the host event of the 50 mile National trail running championship a couple of times.

So come on out and enjoy an amazing day in the Canadian Rockies.


Iron Legs 50 mile Course

A challenging course that provides amazing views of ridges, open meadows, and stunning mountains.