Hikes for the Whole Family near Denver

Take the kids, the dogs, and the relatives on these quality trails near the city.

Jesse Weber


Wetland wildlife in Denver

by Michael W. Murphy, edited and cropped from original

Creative Commons: Attribution


Denver has no shortage of hiking trails in state parks and open spaces near the city. Not all of them are family-friendly, though. If you’re pushing a stroller, carrying a baby, or have little ones running on ahead, you want a trail that’s a decent workout but not too committing. The same goes if you have family visiting from elsewhere who aren’t accustomed to the altitude. You also want a trail that won’t be too busy with high-speed mountain bikers. Ideally, you’ll find peaceful places with an abundance of nature and scenery for the kids and relatives to explore and get them excited about the outdoors of Colorado.

Considering all those criteria, these trails are some of the best, and they’re all within easy day-trip distance from the metro area. The list includes nature loops with informative signs, good chances at spotting wildlife, abundant colors thanks to summer flowers and fall leaves, spots to splash in the creek, shady picnic areas, and mountain vistas. They’ll make you want to visit again, and will inspire your family to get outside more.


Bruin Bluff Loop

Enjoy mountain views, creekside shade, and peaceful picnic spots on this family-friendly stroll.