Teo 2, recently added terrain adjacent to Teocalli Bowl, offers steep trees, chutes, fun rocks, and open powder fields.


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Teo 2 was just opened to the public during the 2014-15 season at CBMR.

The terrain back there is essentially an extension of the Teocalli Bowl and is center piece of future expansion in the area.

You can access Teo 2 by going out along the Teocalli Bowl rope line to your right from the top of the High Lift.

You have two main entrances to Teo 2 along this side step.

You can enter the first entrance to bypass the more technical terrain of Out of Sight Out of Mind and join up with Whatever, Ghost Rider, and Marley's Glade.

Stay to the right for less trees and head into Out of Sight Out of Mind for steep chutes, pillows, and tree skiing.

The steep trees to the rider's left along the rope line between Teo and Teo 2 is known as Schnoid's.

There is a gate into Teo 2 that puts you on top of the Land of Many Names, a pillow paradise, that is in Teocalli Bowl after the Coffey Grounds and before Wolf's Lair on your right.

After you've skied down Whatever, Marley's Glade, Out of Sight Out of Mind, or Schnoid's, you can finish to the bottom of Teo 2 on Down and Out or look for a traverse to your left through the trees to put you on the bottom of Land of Many Names.

This saves about 5 minutes of the hike out and is a little more entertaining than Down and Out.

The hike out of Teo 2 joins the Exit trail to Paradise from Teocalli Bowl and takes about 20-30 minutes depending on your fitness.

It's worth it!