The gorge circuit near Saas-Fee is ideal for families as well as for those interested in culture and nature. Along the chapel path you go down to the brook and further to the hamlet of Bodmen.


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We start the gorge circuit on the chapel path that leads to the chapel "Zur Hohen Stiege".

The chapel path leads well signposted from Saas-Grund to Saas-Fee.

It shows the secrets of the Psalter, i.e.

the three rosaries, in a total of 15 canvas-like chapels (built 1708-1711). The chapel "Zur Hohen Stiege", a high baroque cult building, was built in 1687.

The annual pilgrimage and the chapel festival are still held today. By the chapel, we'll head for the canyon.

This area is a bit remote and little known, but not less worth seeing.

Even before we reach the bridge of the gorge, we look anxiously to the left, where we can often observe wild animals grazing.

The bridge itself is the starting point for "Gorge Alpin", canyoning without water! The adventure tour leads through the wildly fissured gorge between Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund. A small ascent leads further to the hamlet Bodme, where we can spend some time in the corresponding restaurant and small animal park. Although the way to Saas-Almagell would also be worth a walk, we choose the way back to Saas-Fee. equipment * Good footwear * Weather dependent clothing: always carry a waterproof jacket with you. * Headgear * Sun protection * Water bottle * Binoculars (optional) * Camera * Hiking poles (optional) * Map/ printout of the trail (click on "Print" to download)