An extremely challenging black.









Often with the best snow in the Grand Massif, this black run is as precious as its name.

Turning right off the chair you go straight into a mogul field.

And this is pretty much the run all the way down; being extremely steep to the point that some of the moguls appear taller than the average person as you traverse the steep slope on which they have been formed.

Watching skiers below you whilst travelling up the chair is a very interesting and useful observation to suss out the conditions (and for entertainment purposes) and remember that you will be watched as well.

Invariably marked with black and yellow poles and ropes at various points, the piste zigzags precariously and can split around clearly marked obstacles, eventually turning to the right and running along the side of the mountain parallel to the chair.

This final section is pretty bumpy and soft knees are needed all the way.

The final section is a smooth and flatter run-out back to the chair, with the red Fred coming in from the right.