An adventure trail through the wild and romantic Aaschlucht gorge, past boulders and over numerous bridges, which is also ideal for hiking on hot days due to its shady location. The numerous fireplaces and picnic areas along the way invite not only families to linger.


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From Engelberg railway station, the starting point of the Aaschlucht adventure trail, you follow Lake Eugeni towards the end of the village.

The gorge starts at the end of the lake at the old stone bridge with the magnificent mountain panorama behind it.

This is just one of the many bridges that will accompany you all the way.

Again and again, one crosses the Engelberger Aa with the help of stone or steel bridges and walks along the course of the stream on the left and on the right.

The path is usually narrow but well maintained, so that it can also be walked with children.

The roar of the water sounds like music in your ears and accompanies you along the whole hike.

Thanks to the pleasantly cooling water of the Engelberger Aa and the shady trees, the Aaschlucht is an unforgettable hiking experience even at hot temperatures. About half way, after one hour of marching time, one reaches a nicely developed barbecue place directly at the water.

With tables, benches, covered seats and a barbecue grill, everything is there to make the griller's heart beat faster.

The thirst can be quenched at the well with drinking water.

"Building "Steinmanndli", water dams or playing hide and seek in the woods are just three of countless ways to play.

A wonderful place to take a break.

Well strengthened and rested one takes the last part of the way under one's feet.

Continue over the next bridge and past the Obermatt reservoir.

The end of the gorge is again marked by an old stone bridge.

The rest of the route runs flat to Grafenort railway station.

From there the train goes back to Engelberg or further to Stans. equipment Solid shoes and a rain jacket are highly recommended.