Bump run located to the left of Free Fall


Analysing terrain data

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Gear Jammer is a mogul run that is part of the grouping of mogul runs that are located in the lower area of the Solar Coaster zone.

Gear Jammer is the first line you will come across on your left going down Green Line from the base of the Catskinner Chair.

If you want to link up two classic bump runs, take Catskinner to skier's left of the Catskinner Chair and link it up with Gear Jammer for two quality bump runs on your way down to the Solar Coaster Express.

Gear Jammer is similar in nature to the steepness and width of neighboring mogul runs such as Black Magic, Sorcerer and Free Fall.

Gear Jammer ends once it hits Green Line, which will take you back to the Solar Coaster zone, becoming Lower Gear Jammer below Green Line.