A long and winding mogul run.









To access this trail, take The Big Burn or Sheer Bliss chair and ski down Sneaky's.

Take Sneaky's to the end and stay to the left.

You can also access it from the Village Express or Sam's Knob lift.

After getting off the chair head towards Max Park, but make a hard right just after the Ski Patrol Shack.

You have to hike/ skate for around 200 ft.

The entrance to the trail will be on your right.

This run is marked as a double black diamond because it's extremely long with very variable terrain.

Most of the run has the same steepness as a typical single black diamond run.

The last pitch just before the cat track is the steepest pitch.

The biggest moguls are on the last pitch.

It's very rarely, if ever, groomed.

This run ends at the Campground chairlift.

As this run ends at low elevation and because it isn't groomed, you can expect some rocks on low snow years.

This is a very exciting and fun run.