A long and varied from run from narrow to wide, steep to flat.









An extremely long and varied blue, this starts with a steep-ish descent for the first 50 metres from the Kedeuze telecabine.

Keep the top of the Kedeuze button lift to your left and pass the start of the black Félire, also on your left.

The track narrows, which is ideal for testing short turns on a gentle gradient, and just before the right-hand 90 degree turn the red Rhodos joins from the right at quite a steep angle.

Let the skis run at this point; as you're following a compression as the track turns left, one needs to keep right and mount the lip which then leads into a wider section of the Combe (leaving the Zorta red to your left).

Continue on this medium and fairly gentle slope until it starts to flatten and then takes you under the Gron chair.

Turn left and down a fairly steep part of this run, which offers a slightly more challenging section on the far right with ice and moguls.

Now, having reached the tree line, the piste is kissed by the Cupoire from the right.

Flat and easy with wide turns, it steepens again, whilst staying really wide as the Cupoire and the Biollaire feed into it, to arrive at the Gron chairlift.

That is half way.

Pop over the lip just by the Gron to a steep and icy section (for the faint-hearted, peel left after 50m to take la Forestière!) which stays at a uniform gradient until flattening out just after being joined by the Forestiere and the Lou Darbes from the left.

The icy, straight, flat and reasonably wide track then leads past the trees, creating shadow from the left, to a lip with a single tree in the middle of the piste.

Many stop here to consider the final run down to the car park and Kedeuze telecabine.

All in all a tricky blue.