Stumps, Jumps and Drops









"The Camp Glade" is best skied directly after a storm or the few days following a recent storm as good snow is needed in order for it to be properly enjoyed.

When there is fresh snow, this area can be one of Northstar's most fun zones with countless stumps, boulders, and natural jumps.

The entire glade is heavily forested which requires an experienced skier to maneuver quick turns, ducks and fast stops in order to avoid natural obstacles.

Overall, this area is best experienced on a powder day and must be skied with caution as it is 100% natural un-groomed terrain.

"The Camp Glade" can be accessed by "Martis Camp Express" or "Lookout Link" and is best accessed off of "Washoe" then quickly dipping into the tree to skiers right or by taking "Lookout Bypass" but that drops you into the lower section of the Glade.

Always be mindful of the ski area boundary ropes and signs as this area hugs the edge of the ski resort.