A marked blue tree run that is perfect for learning how to navigate trees.









Squeeze Play is a marked blue tree run.

To access this location, you will need to take the Ramshead Express Quad from the base.

The Ramshead Express Quad is almost always a long, cold and windy ride up, so prepare for that.

Exit the lift to skier’s left.

Begin your descent and take the first trail on your right, Easy Street, which is a green and very congested area.

Once you are on Easy Street, go straight onto Caper and stay to the skier’s left of the trail.

Pass the turn for Easy Street and look for the marked trail sign for Squeeze Play on the left.

Enter the trees, which are fairly open and the pitch is not too steep.

There may be small to medium bumps as you navigate through these trees.

This run is fairly long.

It will dump out on to Timberline.

As always with tree runs, beware of roots and ice.

When exiting the trees, look out for skiers and riders in motion on Timberline.

Use caution if you exit into the terrain park and avoid exiting near landing areas.

This trail usually gets opened in mid January.

It's the perfect intermediate run for people looking for a long and varied tree run without the worry of going outside the resort boundaries.